Natural Groundhog Repellents

Whether you call them groundhogs, woodchucks, land beavers or whistle pigs, these chubby rodents are champion diggers. If you have a groundhog problem, you'll need an effective groundhog repellent that will drive them away and keep them from coming back!
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How to Use Natural Groundhog Repellents

When used as directed, Havahart® repellents drive groundhogs from your property humanely. Choosing right woodchuck repellent can save your garden, so rely on Havahart® to create “forbidden zones” around your property.

Your repellent will be most effective when properly and effectively applied, which can depend on several factors. Your best bet is to understand the habits, diets and other needs for your war against woodchucks! Havahart® offers these articles on combatting the woodchucks that have invaded your property:

Before you tackle your groundhog problem, take a moment to sign up for the eNewsletter from Havahart®, which will provide you with money-saving coupons and helpful tips for dealing with the nuisance animals in your yard, garden and home. Signing up for the Havahart® Rewards program adds even more value to your purchases at!

If you have any questions about the natural groundhog repellents available to you, reach out to the Havahart® Consumer Care Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART.

Want to try trapping groundhogs instead? Havahart® has humane groundhog traps, too!


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