Gopher Repellents

Are you tired of gophers digging holes all over your property? Fortunately, you can effectively control gophers without having to harm them. Drive gophers away in a hurry and keep them from coming back with the help of an effective gopher repellent!
Critter Ridder® • Deer Off® • Snake Shield™ Natural Animal Repellents Now available through Safer® Brand

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    • Moles and gophers are chased away unharmed
    • One spike covers up to 7,500 sq ft
    • Sonic pulses emitted every 30 seconds
    • Operates in a circular pattern, approximately 95 ft in diameter
    • Requires 3 "D" batteries (not included)

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Repel Gophers with Sweeney’s® Granular Repellents and Sprays

Sweeney’s® Dual Action Tunnel Penetrating Formula Granular Repellent is double-trouble for pesky gophers! The active ingredient castor oil drives gophers out of their underground homes and away from your property by affecting their senses of taste and smell.


Applying the granules to different areas of your property over a four-day period will result in a rapid, orderly gopher retreat. You can also punch holes into gopher tunnels and insert the product to hit gophers right where they live! Sweeney’s® Dual Action Tunnel Penetrating Formula Granular Repellent is available in a regular formula, as well as a concentrated formula of 20% castor oil — which is twice the industry standard.


Sweeney’s® Mole & Gopher Repellent Yard Spray is a hose-end castor oil gopher repellent that eliminates grubs and earthworms - the critter’s favorite underground food sources. Simply attach your garden hose to the self-dispensing container and apply the product on the gopher-infested area. Follow up by spraying water on the area to soak the gopher repellent into the soil.

Sweeney’s® granules and sprays start to repel gophers after just a few days of use.


Drive Gophers Away

Sweeney’s® Solar Powered Sonic Spikes use sound to drive gophers from your lawn or garden. The spikes are designed for easy insertion into the ground throughout gopher-infested areas on your property. Once inserted, they produce a high-pitched noise that is inaudible to humans but is extremely irritating to gophers. Repelling gophers with Sweeney’s® spikes typically takes only 7-14 days - offering the fast and effective gopher control solution you need.


Don’t let burrowing gophers destroy your yard or garden and turn your property into a hole-covered eyesore. Order a Sweeney’s® repellent for gophers today, and win the battle against these relentless pests!

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