Natural Deer Repellent

While deer may appear to be dainty, harmless creatures, they often cause property damage. Hungry deer can wipe out foliage, crops, flowers and plants in short order. Deter these beautiful, yet destructive, critters with the help of a natural deer repellent!
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Advice On Natural Deer Repellents

Before you take action against troublesome deer, it’s best to understand what it is these animals are after in your home and yard. Here is some basic information about white-tailed deer:

  • 17 Ways to Keep Deer Away: — A look at how these animals live, what they eat and how to use their habits against them.
  • How to Get Rid of Deer: — Check out natural deer repellents from Havahart®. You will also learn the best tactics for driving deer away from your garden or orchard and off of your property.
  • Deer-Proof Flowers: — Deer love to eat flowers, but there are some flowers that they don’t like. These are the best-bets for your flowerbed.
  • Why Do Deer Rub Trees? —If you grow ornamental trees or soft-bark trees, you know that deer can destroy them in just a few visits.
  • Year-Long Guide to Animal Control: — From deer to groundhogs, keep these points in mind to keep pest animals away from your garden and favorite flowerbed.

Looking for more deer-control information? Havahart® also has a complete fact sheet on deer and guide to repelling them. You can also sign up for Havahart® Rewards, which can earn you money back on your purchase for when you need additional animal control supplies. Be sure to subscribe to the Havahart® eNewsletter for announcements on exclusive deals and helpgul animal control advice.

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