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Outdoor Trapping Tips

Whether you wish to control nuisance animals in your yard, around poultry houses, underneath or along side range shelters, or under your porch, the following outdoor trapping tips will help you to get a quicker, smoother catch.

Tip 1: Consult the State Conservation Department for rules and regulations regarding trapping wild animals in your area. Knowing what you may legally trap and relocate will keep you free of costly fines and keep protected animals safe.

Tip 2: If there is a fence or a wall available in the same location in which animals are found, use a 2-door trap, and set the trap with both ends open along the wall or fence. Whether or not you bait your trap, you should more quickly get a catch, since the wall or fence is likely a path that your animals frequent to get from one point to another.

Tip 3: Camouflage your trap either by spraying it with water and rolling it in dirt or by covering it with nearby leaves and twigs. This will take away any glare deflected by the steel trap and make your trap appear to be a safe place to take shelter.

Tip 4: Dig a small hole underneath the trigger plate of your trap in which to place the bait. Cover the hole with your trap, making sure the trigger plate is directly above it, so that your animal must fully enter the trap and step on the trigger plate in an attempt to reach the bait.

Tip 5: Be sure to choose a bait that targets the specific animal you’d like to catch. Since you are trapping outdoors, your trap is open to all sorts of critters - not just the one that’s causing you problems. Though proper bait will not guarantee a desired catch, it will certainly help. For a full list of baits appropriate for your target animal, please visit the Havahart® How To Bait page.

Need more help? Please visit the How to Trap section at for a full step-by-step trapping guide and other helpful tips.

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