Muskrat Baits

After selecting your muskrat trap, carefully place bait inside to lure muskrats in. Below, Havahart® shares the best baits to use in your live trap as well as important information on positioning your bait for a successful catch.

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Best Muskrat Baits

Muskrats are considered omnivores, but they have a strong preference for plants and only consume animal matter when vegetation is scarce. The best baits for your muskrat trap are starchy root vegetables, apples, and strong-smelling oils.

The best muskrat baits include:


How to Bait a Muskrat Trap

In order to successfully catch a muskrat, not only do you need to choose the right bait, but you must also position the bait properly inside the trap.

The best bait placement will:

Force the muskrat to fully enter the trap.

Encourage the muskrat to step on the metal plate.

Take into consideration the trap type (1-door vs. 2-door - see diagrams below):

1-DOOR TRAP - Position bait at the END

For a 1-door trap, place or hang the bait beyond the trigger. Position the bait as far from the trap walls as possible to keep an animal from being able to steal it from the outside.

2-DOOR TRAP - Position bait at the CENTER

For a 2-door trap, place or hang the bait in the center of the trap, in line with the trigger pan. Position the bait as far from the trap walls as possible to keep an animal from being able to steal it from the outside.


Expert Baiting Tips

Create a small trail of bait leading to your trap to give muskrats a taste of what's inside.

While baiting your muskrat trap will help lead to a successful catch, there are other important factors to consider when trapping - like the trap type and its location. For more information read How to Trap a Muskrat »

For more expert baiting tips, read How to Bait »


Professional Advice on Baiting an Animal Trap

Our friend and Havahart® supporter, Billy the Exterminator, talks baiting traps.


Ultimate Muskrat Protection

Now that you’ve trapped your muskrat, use a repellent to stop him or others from coming back. Using a combination of Havahart® traps and repellents gives you the maximum protection you need to keep your yard free of animal intruders!

Havahart® Spray Away scares away pesky muskrats, and it’s eco-friendly, using only startling bursts of water to repel animals.


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