Havahart® Medium 2-Door Easy Set® Trap

Model #: 1062

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  • Item #1062
  • Best Used For: Rabbits, Skunks, and Squirrels
  • Dimensions: 25” x 7” x 7.25”
  • Patented Easy Set® Design – Set & Release with One Hand
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Model #1062

Best Used For:


Trapping Has Never Been Easier

Trapping has never been easier than with Havahart® Easy Set® traps. Patented technology allows you to set your two trap doors open with just one hand, and let critters go without ever having to touch the doors. Plus, updated sturdy hardware provides additional comfort and durability.


Set and Release with One Hand

Set this humane trap in 1 simple step: pull on the Easy Set® lever to open the doors, and the trap's ready for a catch. Or, set it as a 1-door trap by releasing the cable from the offset loop, and pulling the lever to the open position. Use the lever again to release the animal while standing away from the trap opening - clear of the exit path.

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Enlarged Hand Guard and Carrying Handle Protect You

An enlarged steel plate covers the entire width of the top of the trap, protecting your hand from contact with the animal, and the updated, rigid plastic carrying handle makes the handling experience even more comfortable for you.

Safe, Rolled Metal Edges Protect the Animal

Just like the Havahart® squirrel trap you've relied on for years, this one is constructed of one-piece wire mesh, galvanized for resistance to rust and corrosion. And edges are polished smooth to protect the animal from injuring itself during transport or as it struggles to escape.

No-Escape Door Locks Give You Peace of Mind

Two tightly spring-loaded doors feature updated door locks and added reinforcements, making your squirrel trap more escape-proof than ever.

A Two-Door Trap is Quick and Versatile

A two-door trap allows you to create a clear path from one end of the trap to the other by setting it with both ends open. Place this two-door trap against a wall or along an animal's path in order to capture it as it travels from either direction. With two doors open, a skunk or rabbit must step on the trigger plate to reach the bait and make it through to the other side, resulting in a catch.

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Trap Length
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24 in
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# of Doors
Set as 1 or 2-Door Trap
Easy Set® 1-Step Set & Release
Enlarged Handle
Galvanized Steel
Manufacturer's Warranty
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Havahart® stands behind the quality of its traps with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn more here »

Gardener Recommended & Made in the USA

Member tested and recommended by The National Home Gardening Club – one of the most revered garden associations in America. Havahart® was awarded this endorsement based on the quality and effectiveness of our traps. Proudly made in the USA, Havahart® traps are made in the small town of Lititz, PA.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Havahart Trap - Model #1062
Model # 1062
Dimensions 25" x 7" x 7.25"
Weight 6.6 lb
Material Galvanized Steel; One-Piece 12-Gauge Wire Mesh; Plastic Carrying Handle
Door Type 2 Spring-Loaded Doors
Setting Mechanism 1-Step Easy Set® Lever
Animals Rabbits, Skunks, and Squirrels

Disclaimer: Havahart does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
July 30, 2020
Great device By H.L.
Friend of mine had a really old HAVAHART trap that still works great. Why I decided on this manufacturer.
Great device. Sturdy, well constructed & easy to use.
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
July 15, 2020
Bye bye annoying squirrel By Dorothy
Squirrel caught within a day and safety transported by car. Effective trap!
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
March 5, 2020

I Have a about a 40yr old Haveahart. WORKS GREAT,SIMPLE. I needed a nother one. WOW WHAT A MESS/////. way over thought. There are so many small parts & BS on this trap I DOUBT IT WILL LAST A YEAR OR 2 OF EVERYDAY USE. YOUR MOTO SHOULD BE [ IF IT ANIT BROKE DON'T FIX IT] & K I S S. TK'S GARY.

Response From Havahart®
Susan : Consumer Relations Representative

We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with this trap and appreciate your feedback. Our Havahart Easy Set traps are designed to try and help make your experience run as smoothly as possible. This trap is made so that you are able to pull on the EastSet lever to open the doors and the trap is ready to catch! Please feel free to take a look at our How-To video by clicking here. If the trap is still not performing to your satisfaction, it is nice to know that all of our traps are covered under a 1-year warranty plan. You may give us a call at (855) 542-8242 for warranty service.

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
July 30, 2019
I'll stick to the one door traps for now even though I have not caught any animals with those traps. By Manuel
Having two entries is nice but the animal has to go over to the other side of the trap to set it off, hence it is my opinion that a one-door trap works the best. I impeded entry into one side and the squirrels did enter the only open entry-way. I've caught about 4 squirrels so far...
I've also seen a squirrel step on the trap and it did not close. I've also seen the trap doors closed but no animal. The two squirrels still in my area seem leary of my traps that have caught their relatives.
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
July 30, 2019
Over engineered, and non-functional By Ken

The doors fit so tightly they won't close reliably, and the cables do not slide freely to allow the trap to close quickly and completely. Several squirrels have taken the bait and escaped. I wish I had bought a different trap, and if I had not already discarded the box, I would return it.

Response From Havahart®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

We're sorry to hear the squirrels have been stealing your bait! Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for assistance, this trap is covered by our 30-day guarantee and a 1-year replacement policy.

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
July 11, 2019
just does not work By Rod

I recently purchased this trap. Having used the older Havahart trap for many years and needing another I ordered this newer trap. To date I have not trapped a single squirrel in this one. The older trap during this same period has trapped 14 squirrels. The bait is gone but not tripped. I have 2 trees that the squirrels regularly go to ground in my yard. I located the old trap at one tree and the new one at the other. Thinking that something was just stealing the bait I swapped trees with the 2 traps. Same thing, bait gone, no trip. Finally, I added lot more bait to the new trap and I did get a trip but no squirrel. One of the problems in the easy set trap is no place to put the bait except on the ground. I tried placing the bait behind the trip trigger & closing one door and forcing the squirrel to step over the trip device but still it did not trip. But yet the bait was gone. I think the old trap is the best trap that I have ever used. I put the bait on the trip trigger. I use nuts for bait. This easy set trap needs a way to place the bait on the trip device so any attempt to take the bait will trip. Also, I believe the one time I did get it to trip, the squirrel just pushed the door open. It does not have a positive method to prevent door from opening. Just a little pressure on the inside of the door allows the locking device to slip over the plastic catch. The older trap has a J shaped locking tab. I can see no way to adjust the trip pressure. I saw a picture showing a knob to adjust the trip pressure but it is not on the one I received. I have quit using this failure of a trap. Wish I had ordered the old version if it is even still available.

Response From Havahart®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for assistance or with any questions, we're happy to help!

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
June 30, 2019
Pretty good trap By Brian

Overall, probably the best trap brand on the market. Very easy to set up. One door vs. two door flexibility. Only two observations - one door rubs slightly on side of trap, so factory alignment could/should be better; bait pedal sensitivity is fine for adult rabbits, etc, but a bit too heavy for bunnies and red squirrels, thus some “creativity” is necessary when setting the bait for lighter animals.

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
May 8, 2019
looks good, but has some flaws By bailadores

One door quit working right away. I had to wire it shut, as squirrels got out when I was transfering them to the carry away cage. The other door is difficult to get to latch. Sometimes it releases when there is nothing in the cage. Sometimes the squirrel goes in and eats the peanut butter, and then leaves. I have caught several squirrels, however, and take them miles away, across the river. Havahart has said they are sending a cage to replace this one. That is professionalism, but have not gotten the cage yet Hope it comes today.

Response From Havahart®
Jules : Consumer Relations Representative


Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We're very happy that you were able to take advantage of our one-year replacement policy. If you have any questions about your replacement, we're happy to help at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242). Give us a call!

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
April 15, 2019
Worked at first. Now nothing. May need to try different and fresh baits. By Chili

Relocated an opossum in the first week with the 2-door medium Easy Set trap. The animal left the trap very greasy with whatever oils are produced by their skin. Took a while to clean that off and get it ready for use again. Now I think they may have lost interest in the bait. I guess this is going to take continued work to make sure the trap has fresh bait.

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.havahart.com
February 13, 2019
Very easy to use. By Sherri

I had great success catching squirrels with this trap but it doesn't hold up well in wet weather so I had to replace the first one I purchased. I use bottle caps filled with peanut butter wired to the roof to catch squirrels.

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Q.Does the easy set come on the small trap for chipmucks

Yes, model # 1082 is an easy-set trap an is ideal for chipmunks.

Q.Can this trap be used as a one door? In other words open only one door to release the animal. I want to trap a kitten and need access to it from one end only so that it doesn't escape out the other end when the door opens.

Yes, this can be set as a 1-door trap.

Q.When releasing a skunk from a two door trap should you use one or two doors? Why?

When releasing an animal one or two doors can be used. We recommend standing on the side of the trap to allow the animal to exit from either side. Simply open the doors and walk away from the trap to allow the animal to exit.

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