How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but they can also be quite dangerous, as they are common vessels for many life-threatening diseases. Conscious mosquito control is critical for the safety of you and your family. Below, Havahart® teaches you how to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away by eliminating potential breeding grounds, applying repellents and employing mosquito exclusion methods wherever possible.

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1Eliminate Standing Water

Water is one of two elements that mosquitoes require for survival and reproduction. In fact, the first three stages in a mosquito's development occur in a source of still, stagnant water. By eliminating moisture in your yard, you can begin to get rid of mosquitoes.

Dispose of, cover or flip over all possible items or containers that can collect water (cans, tires, jars, buckets etc.).

Scrub and change water in items intended to hold water, like birdbaths, vases and your pets' water bowls.

Have a professional fill in any tree holes on your property.

Clean your gutters regularly.

Keep your pool clean and chlorinated, and drain it during the off-season.

Ensure your lawn and home have the proper drainage systems.

After eggs are laid on the water's surface, it takes a minimum of four days for an adult mosquito to emerge. Any standing water should be discarded or replaced every four days.


2Apply an Effective Mosquito Repellent

After emerging from water as an adult, certain mosquito species can travel considerable distances to obtain food and blood meal. This is why it's important to apply a mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent products vary in application as well as scale of protection:

  • protect larger areas
  • each application can last several weeks
Sprays /
  • provide personal protection; must be applied on body
  • each application lasts a few hours
Candles /
  • protect smaller areas
  • each application lasts a few hours

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3Limit Accessibility

Mosquito netting and screens are great tools for excluding mosquitoes from the indoors as well as from certain outdoor spaces. It's important to note that because mosquitoes are so small, it's nearly impossible to completely exclude them. By taking steps to limit accessibility, you can increase your chances of keeping mosquitoes out.

Make sure all windows are equipped with mosquito-proof screens and that they are intact.

Screen in areas with exposure to the outdoors like porches, patios or gazebos.

If you live in an area where mosquitoes are abundant, install a mosquito net around beds, cribs and pet kennels.

Repair any holes or rips in windows, screens or mosquito netting.


Expert Tips

Prevent water from accumulating in your home or yard by fixing all leaky pipes and faucets.

Mosquitoes can develop in sources of water as small as a bottle cap. Do not neglect smaller vessels like these when eliminating standing water in your yard or home.

Inspect your property each time it rains to make sure that you eliminate any water buildup that could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If your property has a source of standing water that you cannot drain or chlorinate - like a pond for example - consider installing a pump to keep the water moving.

Mosquitoes like to rest and hide out in tall, un-manicured grass, so regularly pulling the weeds in your yard and mowing your lawn will help to keep mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes are attracted to incandescent light. Replacing your light bulbs with fluorescent ones may help to keep mosquitoes away.

Wear protective clothing when in areas with high mosquito populations - especially those known to inhabit disease-transmitting species.

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How to Repel

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