How to Trap Squirrels

How to Trap Squirrels

Squirrels can drive you nuts! Whether they’re raiding your birdfeeders, wreaking havoc in your garden or getting into your trash, these nuisance critters are nothing but trouble. If you have a squirrel problem on your property, live trapping can help you get rid of these critters effectively and humanely.

I’ve learned how to trap red squirrels and their larger and more common gray cousins by using a Havahart® Easy Set® Trap. I like the 2-door version because there are two points of entry – more of a chance for me to catch a squirrel! Also, I like to think that since a squirrel can see through the trap, it won’t be as hesitant to enter it… Regardless, it has worked really well for me!

What follows is information about squirrel trapping, including some useful squirrel trapping tips.

How to Catch a Squirrel: Trap Placement Is Key

Besides choosing the right trap, knowing how to trap a squirrel requires an understanding of where to place the trap. Choose a spot where you see signs of squirrel activity, such as near your birdfeeder or trash area. If squirrels have been invading your garden, place the trap along the pathway they travel to get to and from the area. Place the trap on firm, level ground for maximum stability.

What About the Bait?

Using a squirrel-specific bait increases the chances of the squirrel entering the trap. While red squirrels tend to be a bit more finicky than gray squirrels, all squirrels love nuts and seeds. Cereal and popcorn are also squirrel favorites. For best results, create a bait trail leading from the outside of the trap to behind the trigger mechanism in order to lure the critter inside the trap.

Tips for Trapping Squirrels

Some helpful tips for trapping squirrel pests include camouflaging the trap with leaves, twigs or brush so it blends in with the surrounding environment. I’ve found that even throwing dirt on a brand-new trap and spraying it with water can help to “break it in” and make it more inviting to the squirrel.

Other squirrel trap tips include allowing the squirrels to test it out for a couple of days before setting so that they won’t view the trap as a threat. Simply fasten the doors open and place your bait inside. Also be sure to contact the humane society or wildlife commission in your area for information about lawful relocation and releasing of trapped animals.

Why I Use the Havahart® Easy Set® Trap

I use the Havahart® Easy Set® Trap to catch squirrels and other nuisance critters because it makes trapping easy and doesn’t harm the animals. I can set it using just one hand, and it’s sturdy and rust-resistant so I can use it over and over in all types of weather conditions. I recently used one to control a squirrel population for a homeowner who couldn’t keep squirrels out of her backyard birdfeeders, no matter what method she tried. She was so happy with the results that she called all her neighbors to recommend the trap to handle their squirrel problems!

Now that you know how to trap squirrel with the help of a Havahart® Easy Set® Trap, as well as some useful tips for squirrel trapping, you can be fully prepared to defend your property against an unwanted squirrel invasion!


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