Stop Dogs from Destroying Your Lawn

Stop Dogs from Destroying Your Lawn

I’m a dog lover. I always have been. I don’t think there ever has been a more accurate description of a creature than the dog’s moniker “man’s best friend.” Heck, I actually wonder what is wrong with people who do not like dogs. And when I see a dog out walking in my neighborhood, all I want is to pet him, “shake hands” with him and make a new, four-legged friend.

I Discovered the Need for Dog Repellent Devices

Even though I love dogs and have one of my own, I had to learn how to repel dogs because they were ruining my yard, burning my flowers and leaving unwanted calling cards. I need to keep stray dogs off my lawn, as well as leashed dogs with sloppy owners.

From my experience, it takes more than some kind of dog repellent device! For grass and gardens to look their best, I found I needed to educate (and befriend!) my neighbors while also employing some effective repellents to keep stray dogs off my lawn. The best device I found is a motion-activated sprinkler that sprays water at canine intruders. This works like a charm to keep dogs away, and since I don’t need to apply any chemicals, it is safe!

How NOT to Keep Dogs Away from Your Yard

I live in a neighborhood where very few folks have a fenced-in yard, and my home, which I bought not three months ago, has no fences. I thought about putting up a fence to keep stray dogs out of my yard, but quickly changed my mind as it would cost at least $1,000. That’s a lot of money to prevent piles of dog poop. Also, on a block full of homes that seem to announce “Hi, neighbor!” my home would be screaming “GET OUT!” Not the way to make new friends.

Another way to keep other dogs out of your yard and garden areas is a sonic dog repellent device. Small electronic dog repellent devices work by emitting high-pitched sounds that are inaudible to humans but very uncomfortable for dogs. These will work to keep stray dogs off the lawn. The problem is I don’t want to drive my own dog mad.

Best Solutions for Keeping Dogs Off Your Lawn

I found that to stop the destruction in your yard you need solutions targeted to both the problems: owners and dogs. Some owners may not be aware their dog is doing business in your yard. Others may not realize their dog’s bathroom breaks are burning your flowers.

Here’s a step-by-step list of what to do to keep other dogs out of your yard:

1. Be nice to your neighbors, even the ones that may have dogs doing their business in your yard. It’s hard, but the bottom line is if someone likes you, they will go out of their way for you, including paying more attention to what their dog is doing.

2. Put up a few signs that your yard has been treated for raccoons and skunks. Include on the sign it’s safer for dogs and cats to not be in your grass/flowerbeds. Refrain from saying that it’s dangerous. You don’t want to scare anyone, but rather have them choose to keep their dogs and cats off your yard. For instance “Yard sprayed for raccoon and skunks. Please keep your dog or cat off treated areas for their protection."

3. Chit-chat with your neighbors. For instance, “It’s a bummer not all dog owners are as conscientious as you. I keep on finding piles in my yard. And my flowers are dying from the dog pee! I just can’t keep up with it. If you notice anyone letting their dog do their business, please let them know the lawn is treated and it would be safer for the dog to stay off my lawn.

4. If you’re still seeing your neighbors using your yard as a doggy potty, take some pictures. Usually your local ordinances include cleaning up after your pet. The photos will help your case immensely. Be sure to get a good shot of the owner so they are easily identifiable.

5. For the stray dogs, get a safe dog repellent that garden and lawn areas can be protected with that repel the nuisance dogs. Critter Ridder repellents are safe, yet taste and smell horrible enough to dogs that they will stay away from wherever you use it.

6. Install a motion detector sprayer wherever you’re experiencing the most damage. For instance, stick one of these highly effective dog repellent devices in your flowers next to your mailbox and dogs will be sprayed if they try to spray. Owners quickly learn too to steer their dogs away from your flowers!


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