Protecting Plants From Deer

Protecting Plants From Deer

We grow a number of hostas in several garden areas around our yard. As everyone knows, deer and rabbits enjoy eating hostas. We have quite a few deer and rabbit that wander our neighborhood. As a result, we had to learn how to protect plants from deer and other pests.

Deer Off® Can Protect Plants from Deer Invasions

Since we started using Deer Off®, the deer and rabbits stay away from our hostas. As a result, we have big, beautiful hostas every year. We also spray it on many other flowers and shrubs throughout our yard that deer and rabbits enjoy eating, such as azaleas, tulips and other flowering bulbs, zinnias, sweet potato vines, and other flowers and shrubs that do not state that they are deer resistant.

Protect Plants from Deer Before It’s Too Late!

We learned about sweet potato vines the hard way. I usually plant my sweet potato vines in hanging baskets; however, one year I had quite a number of sweet potato vine plants and decided to plant some of them in the ground in various garden areas around our house. We had such lush, beautiful sweet potato vines that grew quite large that year – that was, until I walked outside one day and found that the deer had eaten all the leaves down to the vine. All that was left was the vine!

Deer Off® Is the Best Way to Protect Plants from Deer

Now, I spray them with Deer Off® if I plant them in the ground so that the deer will not eat them. Deer Off® is great because it is made with natural ingredients that will not harm the animals. The animals that eat your plants will not go near them because they do not like the smell and taste of Deer Off®. As a result, your plants will flourish throughout the season. There’s no doubt: using Deer Off® is the best way to protect plants from deer.

We have so many plants, flowers and trees in our yard that I can just picture the deer roaming our neighborhood, stumbling upon our house, and thinking they have found the neighborhood smorgasbord. They probably think to themselves, “Wow! We should always come here to eat. There’s so much food! And, what a choice! What have we been missing?!” Then they get a whiff or a taste of the Deer Off®, and they decide maybe it wasn’t such a smorgasbord after all. Don’t get me wrong – I love to see beautiful deer and cute little rabbits, but I don’t like them eating my plants. That is why I use Deer Off® – to protect plants from deer. As a result, we have a yard full of beautiful flowers and shrubs to enjoy.

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