Can You Keep Squirrels As Pets?

Can You Keep Squirrels As Pets?

Can you have a squirrel as a pet? I know some people who use Havahart® Critter Ridder® to repel squirrels, but I’d rather have these cute little guys as pets! My step Dad found a baby squirrel; the mama ran off and left it. So we made a pet out of her! She was so smart. She would be sneaky. She’d sneak in the kitchen and open up a bag of Cheetos just like a person would.

One night she was really sneaky, and while my stepdad was eating and watching TV, she snuck up his leg and started eating off his plate. Mom had a playing card box and she would go and open and close it. She also loved to wrestle with my mom. And she would let us know when someone was around, just like a dog does. One time it was just my son and I at home and someone came to the door. She let me know for sure that it was a stranger. I thought she was going to take the door down.

Another time my step dad decided he was going to give her a bath. Well, he is over six foot tall. He was at the kitchen sink and she was steadily running up and down him, trying her best to get away.

You can have a squirrel as a pet, but you need to establish some boundaries. My mom also had to teach her that the kitchen was off limits. She would go in there and open containers and get the chips out and open them. My mom trained her by using a water bottle. She hated that, and knew she was in trouble.

Can You Keep Squirrels as Pets?...Definitely!

My parents loved that squirrel. They even would take her to the vet! Boogie lived to be seven years old and she grew up with my son, until he was seven! It just shows that you can save animals lives today. My husband and I live on a farm and we have saved many animals such as dogs that people dump out…and you name it. May God Bless all his furry friends that he put on this Earth. I hope everyone gets something out of this, like learning that you can keep squirrels as pets!

Photo: swafo

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