How to Set Up Your Motion-Activated Repellent

How to Set Up Your Motion-Activated Repellent

Motion detector sprinklers are a great way to deter animals from really anywhere in your yard, but it’s important to set them up properly to get the most effective nuisance animal control.  Looking specifically at Havahart® Critter Ridder® Motion-Activated Repellents, a sprinkler repellent with a motion sensor animals will come to fear, you can keep destructive critter at bay using this eco-friendly, automatic solution that operates 24/7!  But, what is your strategy? Are you going to set it up by the edge of your lawn or right beside your delicious tomatoes? For the best results, follow these tips when setting up your new electronic repellent!

Review the Damage

What is attracting the nuisance animals? Is it your vegetable garden or your azaleas? Review the damage to not only identify the types of animals that are causing damage, but also determine the best place to set up your Critter Ridder® animal repellent device.

Choose a Location for Your Motion-Activated Repellent

Location is the key when using a motion sensor sprinkler. Based on your observations, install the Critter Ridder® repellent in a location where you notice the most damage. Ensure that the sprinkler is facing outward from the area you want to protect and towards the location the animal is coming from.

Keep in mind this motion-activated repellent can spray up to 35 feet away. While this large radius is useful for repelling animals before they get anywhere near your plants, it may mean you’ll be spraying areas you don’t want to. You can also adjust the radius of the sprinkler head as needed to ensure frequently used sidewalks or paths aren’t in the spray zone.

Not only are electronic repellents useful for protecting your plants, but you can also install it near a fish pond to keep raccoons and heron away. 



Fine Tune the Critter Ridder®

In addition to tuning the spray radius, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the animal motion sensor to detect either large or small animals.

A sensitivity knob on the back of the unit can control what size animals the motion detector sprinkler detects. Set the sensitivity high for small animals and low for larger animals.

Watch Them Run!

Once you have your Critter Ridder® Motion-Activated Animal Repellent adjusted for your critter and set up to cover the area you want to protect– sit back and watch as the animals run away! Over time, a motion sensor sprinkler will actually condition animals with its noise, movement and burst of water so they permanently stay out of your yard or garden.  

To cover your entire yard, you can use multiple devices around your home’s landscaping. The experts at Havahart® recommend hooking up multiple motion detector sprinkler units to keep destructive critters away from your entire yard.

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