How to Trap Squirrels in the Attic

How to Trap Squirrels in the Attic

As a long-time gardener, I’ve become an expert at keeping squirrels out of my yard and garden by using effective, all-natural squirrel repellents. I must admit, however, that getting rid of squirrels in the attic was a brand-new experience for me!

I knew I needed to learn how to get rid of squirrels in the attic when my husband and I awoke in the middle of the night to a scratching sound somewhere above us. My first thought was that we had a mouse or rat infestation on our hands. Upon exploring the attic and spotting a long, fluffy tail poking out from behind a gnawed cardboard box, we quickly realized the culprit was a gray squirrel!

Learning How to Rid the Attic of Squirrels Became Our Top Priority

We certainly didn’t want to live with a rogue squirrel scurrying around in our attic, but we also wanted to get rid of the critter without harming it. And with three kids and an assortment of pets in our home, we were wary of using any type of chemical pesticide that could pose a threat to their health. After doing a little research online, I learned that the best way to get rid of squirrels in the attic was to use a humane trap that captures without injuring the animal – but which trap should we choose?

Havahart® Traps Make Catching Squirrels in the Attic Easy – and Humane

I knew from working at a greenhouse that Havahart® manufactured many different types of effective animal traps, but I wasn’t sure they made ones designed for squirrel removal from attic areas. After conducting a bit more research, I discovered that the Havahart® Small 1-Door Easy Set® Trap was perfect for our situation. In addition to being the ideal size for trapping squirrels (and other small animals such as rabbits and skunks), it was so simple to use, even for first-time trappers like us!

We Caught Our Squirrel on the First Night!

I took our new Havahart® Easy Set® trap into the attic and placed it near the boxes where we had previously seen our visitor. I created a trail of peanuts leading into trap for bait, pulled back the specially designed Easy Set® lever (I only needed one hand) and the trap was ready to go. When we checked the trap the next morning, we had ourselves a live squirrel! Of course, the little guy was frantically trying to find his way out, but we knew the solid construction and lack of sharp edges would keep the animal secure and uninjured until my husband could transport the trap to a wooded area for easy release into the wild.

If you’re faced with the problem of getting rid of squirrels in your attic, Havahart® traps are a great solution!

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