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Critter Ridder

Critter Ridder® granular and spray repellents use a blend of various hot peppers to irritate a nuisance animal's sense of smell, taste and touch for triple-action repellent effects. It’s also OMRI® Listed for use in organic gardening.

Critter Ridder Family
Easy Set
Critter Ridder Family

Easy Set® traps use a simple, single-lever design to allow for one-handed trap setting and animal release. This allows for a perfectly set trap every time and prevents users from having to stand in an animal’s exit path as it's being released!

Spray Away

Spray Away® uses infrared sensors to detect pest animals and drive them away from protected areas by delivering a startling burst of water. It offers day and night defense against many nuisance animals such as deer, raccoons, and more.

Spray Away
Deer Off
Deer Off

Deer Off® uses scents to elicit a flight response from deer that causes them to avoid an area. Spray deterrents also repel by taste, making their usual foods taste bad to discourage eating. Deer Off® is OMRI® Listed for use in organic gardening.

Dr. T's

Dr. T’s® Snake-A-Way® uses a unique blend of sulfur and naphthalene to disorient poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, as well as mosquitoes, and send them away in search of fresh air. It’s the only snake repellent registered by the EPA.

Dr. T's Family
Deer Awway
Deer Awway

Deer Away® uses a blend of scent- and taste-irritating ingredients to repel deer and rabbits from protected areas. Once dry, this fast-acting repellent is odorless to humans. The OMRI® Listed formula is even safe for use in organic, edible gardens.


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