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Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap - 1 Trap

Model #: 70102

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  • Attracts and traps Japanese beetles
  • Comes with 1 trap, 1 bait, and 2 bags
  • Controlled release bait allows for maximum bait life
  • Uses a food and sex attractant to lure beetles
  • Extra-large bags
Cannot Ship To: AK, CA, HI

Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap

The Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap uses a food and sex attractant to lure Japanese Beetles into the trap and, in turn, disrupts the mating cycle. A controlled release system maximizes the life of the attractant and protects the attractant from environmental degradation. Place this natural pest control trap at least 10 feet away from plantings to prevent defoliation.

Directions for Use:

Trap Assembly

  1. Slide vanes together at the slots to form a cross
  2. Attach the twist tie by inserting about 4 inches through the holes in the top vane assembly as shown in the diagram below and twist to secure the trap
  3. Attach one of the disposable collection bags to the vane assembly by gently sliding the holes in the bag over the cutout hooks on the lower end of the trap vanes.

Bait Placement

  1. Remove the bait pack from its protective packaging. Peel the protective cover (marked peel) from the Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap bait pack
  2. Peel the paper from the adhesive strip on the back of the sex/floral lure bait pack and attach the bait onto the trap vane. Do not attempt to peel apart the bait. Best results are obtained by attaching the bait pack to the lower third of the trap vane.

Trap Placement, Application Rate and Use:

  • Place traps as beetles emerge in mid-May to early June in Georgia and South Carolina
  • EarlyJune to mid June in North Carolina and Tennessee
  • Mid June to early July in Kentucky, Delaware, Washington DC, Virginia and West Virginia.
  • Early July to mid July in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New jersey
  • Mid July in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine.
  • Place traps on the generally upwind side of vegetable gardens, flower gardens, ornamental shrub planting and other outside landscape planting attached by the beetles. Apply traps at the rate of one trap per 50 linear feet along two sides of plant perimeters. For example, if the site is 1-50 linear feet, place only one trap on each of the two sides. If the site is 51-100 linear feet, place two traps on each of the two sides, etc. Do not enclose the treated site with traps.
  • Hang traps from any suitable post or stand in sunny areas 3 to 5 feet above the ground.
  • Place traps at least 10 feet away from the planting as they may attract beetles to foliage if placed closer
  • Replace bags when full. If trap catches decline and beetles are still present, replace bait pack. Remove traps from site when beetles are no longer present.

Safer® Brand is the leader in alternative lawn and garden products, offering many solutions that are compliant with organic gardening standards. Safer® Brand recognizes this growing demand by consumers and offers a wide variety of products for lawns, gardens, landscapes, flowers, houseplants, insects and more!


Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Uses food and sex attractant to lure insects into the trap
  • Controlled release system maximizes the life of the attractant
  • Extra-large bag catches more beetles
  • Collapsible 48” galvanized steel stand (sold separately - model #00107)

What's in the Box:

  • Trap, bait and 2 bags


  • Ready-to-use bag trap

Disclaimer: Havahart does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 1, 2019
Good, but needs smaller holes By Bambidear

We put the trap up yesterday and have already filled the bottom of the bag. However, the holes are larger than the last brand we trap we used, and they are crawling out.

Response From Havahart®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. We apologize for this experience and have shared these concerns with our Product Manager for review. Please feel free to reach out to us at 1-855-7-ORGANIC (1-855-767-4264) with any questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 20, 2019
Kills beetles but many more come to the funeral! By JP4uall

These traps do collect Japanese Beetles! However, I am convinced that they draw as many as they kill. Last year, they attacked my okra but it was strong enough to live through it and produce a great harvest. However, the corn was not so fortunate. The attacked and ate the silks, which kept the corn from complete germination. If you use these, put them far away from the garden/flowers. Also, order extra bait and bags, especially the bags. A bag of dead beetles quickly becomes a stinking mess!

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 10, 2018
Great product By DW

Japanese Beetles started attacking my plants in May this year because of the hot weather. I took the nuclear option and bought 8 of these traps and placed them around the yard. They are filled with thousands of beetles now. Be careful about placing them too close to plants. The Japanese beetles only attacked my fig trees when I put the trap close to it.

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 5, 2018
Works Better than Other Brands at Attracting Japanese Beetles Away from Trees By livinonaprayer

These are the only traps I will buy. I order this online because many other brands in the store do not work as well as the Safer Brand. I had two different brands side-by-side and the Safer Brand attracted many more Japanese Beetles. I will continue to buy these.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 29, 2017
A time saver: trapping vs. hand picking of J. Beetles By FamahFRKL

I have used these taps for 16 years here in rural Vermont. They indeed trap these beetles as advertised. I run 7 traps and change the bags at least 5 times during our 2 month beetle season. I've now idea how many of these are in a pound but they have a combined weight of at least 6 lbs. every weigh-in. All nearby dealers of these traps were out of them by mid-August as attests to their efficacy.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 20, 2017
Effective, convenient By DJones

Product was very effective in reducing the damage from a beetle population explosion this year. One bag got so full in one week that the wire hanger broke! Since I couldn't find them in the store, ordering online was convenient. I will definitely order more again earlier next year to be ready!

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 25, 2017
Clearing them out By rymea

The traps work much better than expected. The first bait is still working but we are on bag number 5 in just three weeks. Good thing we had extras. I wish the bags were bigger or emptiable. I'm sure we are attracting beetles from far away but I think that is probably good. We will trap as many as we can and hopefully the population will be smaller next year.

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 17, 2017
great By alan

Very easy to put together. I bought many of these and all of them have done very well. One bag was overflowing. I hear people say all you do and that' that these t and that these traps are counter-productive. Regardless there are much fewer beetles around my house as a result of this product.

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 6, 2017
Japanese beetles decreasing and stink bugs moving in. Dang By JDClamppit

The traps catch a lot of the beetles but if they find my beans first they destroy the foliage very fast. I have 6 traps out and still have some getting to my beans. I bought 12 and I'm thinking of going to war with the beetles and put up all 12 traps because I am having to use insecticides on my beans and I hate to use that stuff. Now the stink bugs are competing with the Japanese beetles as to who can do the worst damage to my beans and tomatoes the stink bugs are tomatoes worst enemy. Arrrg

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 3, 2017
Skeptical at first. Proven results. By Chuck

I had never heard of these traps until I began working in the L&G Department at a national retail chain. I estimate that I had no fewer than 50 customers come in asking about the traps in the past 2 weeks; unfortunately, our Company chose not to carry these traps this year and I had to refer potential customers elsewhere. I have to admit, I was skeptical regarding the effectiveness of these traps; but, after so many requests at work and my garden and landscape plants in jeopardy, I decided to try them for myself. I am truly amazed with the results. I set out two traps this morning. By the time I got the second trap set, the first was already swarmed with beetles and expect to have to set up my refill bags by this evening. I will definitely be looking for these traps every year from now on!

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