Wholesale Information

The distribution channel is one of Woodstream’s greatest strengths. We are always looking for new companies with which to partner.

Resellers interested in retailing Woodstream products may purchase direct through one of over 45 distributer partners using the Woodstream Dealer Portal. For more information, contact us at Woodstream Dealer Portal Benefits Page.

E-commerce retailers with demonstrated website sales may contact dtcrelations@woodstream.com for more information on purchasing from Woodstream Corporation.

Service providers and installers may contact us at wscustomercare@woodstream.com or call 800-800-1819 x 482 for ordering information.

Companies with an established distribution center(s) and delivery infrastructure that employ a direct sales force that services independent retailers and whose annual Woodstream purchases are expected to exceed $10K may qualify as a Woodstream Distributor Partner. Please contact us at wscustomercare@woodstream.com for more information.