Sweeney’s® Mole, Gopher, Vole, & Armadillo Repellent

Model #: CS7001

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  • Item #CS7001
  • Proven to Repel Armadillos, Gophers, Moles and Voles
  • Dual Action: Repels by Scent AND Taste
  • Spoils Moles' Food Source
  • All-Natural, Biodegradable and Poison-Free 

Model #CS7001

Best Used For:


Tunnel-Penetrating Formula Repels by Scent and Taste

Sweeney’s® Mole, Gopher, Vole & Armadillo Repellent is an all-natural granular formula made from castor oil, which effectively repels burrowing animals by scent and taste. Just sprinkle the dual-action repellent onto grass, and water in with a hose or sprinkler to activate the Ecogranules® sending castor oil deep into the ground. The repellent penetrates underground tunnels and burrows and creates an unpleasant odor and flavor that quickly drives away armadillos, gophers, moles and voles.

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Just Sprinkle, and Water In

Apply the repellent in large bands one day at a time, beginning with the area closest to you, to drive the animals out. Sprinkle the granules generously on the ground with the convenient resealable shaker bag, then water in with a hose or sprinkler for about 20 minutes. Repeat the process over the course of several days until you treat the entire active area, each day applying the granules to a new band further out, and watering the new area as well as the areas treated in the days prior. For best results, reapply at the beginning of each season.

Model # S7001 S7002
Presentation Granules Granules
Size (Weight) 4 lb 10 lb
Coverage Area 2,000 sq ft 10,000 sq ft
Container Type Resealable Shaker Bag Resealable Shaker Bag
Q.When the snow melted in 2016 my yard had many narrow tunnels presumably made by voles hiding under ivy or pachysandra. Is now (mid-Jan, 2017) a good time to use my HavaHart or the Sweeney product to prevent a reoccurrence following this winter?

When moles, gophers, voles, and armadillos are active, the product should be applied in a band, then watered in for 20 minutes. Each day, a new band should be added and the entire area watered until the active area is covered. Please keep in mind, we recommend waiting until the ground is no longer frozen before starting applications as it will not be effective in colder temperatures.

Q.will this harm dogs

This product should be watered properly to ensure that it is soaked into the ground to spoil the moles' food source. It is poison-free and can be used confidently around dogs.

Q.Is this safe for dogs?

This product can be used confidently around pets when used as directed.

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