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X-Small Animal Traps

Any property owner who has ever had a problem with smaller animals could probably tell you that even the tiniest creatures can cause big headaches. Whether it’s wiping out a garden, digging holes in a yard or gnawing on wood, small critters cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. 

Because of their size, small nuisance animals can often hide easily, making it difficult to detect their presence until a full-scale invasion is already well underway. Traps for small animals can be your best defense against these diminutive but destructive creatures.


Fight Back With the Help of Havahart® Traps

Fortunately, Havahart® live animal traps come in different sizes, including extra-small traps that are ideal for trapping voles, mice, rats, squirrels and chipmunks. Havahart® X-Small traps come in 1-door and 2-door varieties, with 2-door traps offering the additional flexibility of trapping approaching critters from opposite directions. The traps feature sensitive triggers and spring-loaded doors for a quick and secure capture. Smooth internal edges prevent the animal from injuring itself as it struggles to escape. Like all Havahart® traps, our traps for small animals are sturdy and rust-resistant, providing many years of dependable service in even the wettest of climates.


The Best Live Vole Traps on the Market

Our live traps for small rodents are the perfect devices for capturing voles. The vole, sometimes referred to as a field mouse, is known for targeting plants, fruits and vegetables and can do an extensive amount of damage if not controlled quickly. Our vole traps contain small mesh openings that can prevent stolen bait issues and eliminate any chance of escape. You also get a vole trap with a trigger designed to target the vole’s small body type for greater trapping efficiency.


Order Your X-Small Animal Trap Today!

You don’t have to let small but destructive rodents and other tiny pests take over your yard or garden or damage your property any longer. Take the first step in winning the battle against an unwanted critter invasion by ordering a Havahart® trap for small animals today. Please choose the x-small animal trap you need below.

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Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Voles
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Chipmunks, Squirrels, Rats
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