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Squirrel Traps

Squirrel sightings are so common that you probably barely notice when one of these small, furry creatures scampers up a tree in your backyard or scurries across your lawn.

While they might appear harmless, squirrels can do plenty of damage to your property. They can terrorize your garden, destroy your trees and chew through the wood on your house.



Get Rid of These Destructive Pests With Havahart® Humane Squirrel Traps


Remove unwanted squirrels the most humane way with Havahart® squirrel traps! Control squirrels, including ground squirrels, flying squirrels and more, with a live squirrel trap from Havahart®. Our selection of highly effective traps for squirrels will help you eliminate these pests without having to use chemical pesticides. A humane squirrel trap allows you to capture the critter without causing it harm, so you never have to hurt an innocent animal.


Trap a Squirrel the Easy Way With Havahart® Easy Set® Traps


Our inventory of squirrel traps for sale includes the revolutionary Havahart® Easy Set® trap, which simplifies the process of capturing a rogue squirrel, even if you’ve never attempted to trap an animal before. You can set and release the trap with only one hand, and an enlarged galvanized steel handle guard protects you from the animal. This state-of-the-art squirrel trap contains no sharp edges, preventing a frightened animal from injuring itself as it struggles (unsuccessfully) to escape.


Easy Set traps come in 1-door, 2-door and collapsible models, and a small-sized one makes for a highly effective small squirrel trap. The easy-to-follow instructions will show you how to set a squirrel trap and how to release the animal back into the wild. (Check with your local humane society or state game commission for rules regarding relocating and releasing wild animals in your area.)

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