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Opossum Traps

Opossums, also known as “possums,” are persistent critters that can be extremely difficult to get rid of once they find a regular source of food. Opossums are omnivores, meaning they’ll eat both plant and animal matter, and they will consume just about anything that may be growing in your flower bed or garden. 

Opossums are burrowing animals that can cause extensive damage to your lawn, and they may even attempt to enter your home in search of food and shelter.


Havahart® Traps Can Help You Get Rid of Nuisance Possums

Remove unwanted opossums the most humane way! Opossum control is made easy with the help of Havahart® traps. Our large traps allow you to capture rogue possums effectively, even if you’re a novice trapper. The spring-loaded doors and sensitive triggers provide a quick and secure capture, and there are no sharp edges that can cause injury to the animal as it struggles to escape. Solid doors and handle guards protect you as you transport the trapped animal. Our live animal traps are sized for different animal targets, and our large traps are ideally suited for the opossum’s body type!


Choose From a Wide Assortment of Havahart® Opossum Traps

Select the possum trap that best meets your needs. Choices include our large 1-door, 2-door and collapsible traps, including our latest innovation, the revolutionary Havahart® Easy Set® Trap. This expert-tested opossum trap allows you to set and release with only one hand, so even first-time trappers can use it successfully. The trap is designed so you can stand behind it during the release for additional protection. (Be sure to check with your state game commission or local humane society for regulations regarding the relocation and release of wild animals in your area.)


Take a Closer Look at Our Opossum Traps

To learn more about all of our possum traps, please review the individual product descriptions found below. And be sure to check out the videos that show these effective and humane live traps in action. Our large traps can help you win the battle against invading possums and take back control of your property!


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