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Medium Traps

Medium Animal Traps

Havahart® makes the best traps for capturing nuisance animals effectively and humanely. Havahart® live animal traps come in different sizes, including an assortment of medium-size traps that are perfectly designed for catching rabbits, skunks, opossums, muskrats and large squirrels. 

Havahart® has been manufacturing the best traps for use in and around residential and commercial properties for more than 70 years.


Our Medium Animal Traps Are Easy to Use

One important reason why Havahart® products are the best traps you can buy is that they are so simple to use. For instance, our latest innovation, the technologically-advanced Havahart® Easy Set® trap, allows for one-handed setting and releasing, so even first-time trappers can use it without difficulty. Simply place the appropriate bait behind the trigger, and pull back the lever on top to set it. Place the trap on a level surface in an area visited by your nuisance animals. The sensitive trigger ensures a quick and secure capture. The enlarged galvanized steel barrier separates you from the trapped animal, and the full hand guard protects you as you transport the animal.


If you opt to release the animal back into the wild, the device allows you to stand behind it as you execute the one-handed release. (Be sure to consult with your local humane society or state game commission regarding the regulations for releasing wild animals in your area.) The trap also comes with easy-to-follow instructions and useful tips for baiting and trap placement.


Sturdy Construction for Long Life

Havahart® devices are also the best traps because of their sturdy construction that provides many years of reliable service. The strong door lock prevents the animal from escaping, and the smooth edges keep it from injuring itself during and after the capture. These traps are manufactured in the USA from rust-resistant materials, so they’re sure to hold up even through heavy use in wet climates.


Select the Best Trap for Your Needs

Please choose the medium animal trap you need below. Take a few minutes to closely examine each trap description, and watch the informative videos. We think you’ll agree that Havahart® traps are the best traps for effectively and humanely capturing your medium-size nuisance animal.

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Rabbits, Skunks, Large Squirrels
$61  $46.99 Sale
Rabbits, Skunks, Squirrels
$63  $48.99 Sale
Rabbits, Skunks, Large Squirrels
$159  $119.99 Sale
Skunks, Rabbits, Large Squirrels
$51  $39.99 Sale
Opossums, Skunks, Muskrats
$59  $47.99 Sale
Rabbits, Skunks, Squirrels
$63  $48.99 Sale
Rabbits, Skunks, Large Squirrels
$53  $44.99 Sale
Rabbits, Skunks, Large Squirrels
$57  $42.99 Sale
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