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Feral Cat Humane Trap & Rescue Kit For Catching Feral Cats
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Live Animal Traps, Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit, 1099
Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit

Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit

model #: 1099
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Best Used For:
Catching, transporting and short term care of a feral cat. This humane live cat trap is so easy to set, bait, and release. Kit includes rescue cage, cage divider, cover, door hook, and cat trap instructions. read full product details »  

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Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit

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The Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit is easy to set, bait, and release. Collapsible live cat trap—pops up in seconds. Kit includes; rescue cat trap, cage divider, cover, door hook, and complete cat trap instructions.

Trapping Feral Cats
How to Bait

Rescue Collapsible Cat Trap: This cat trap is 32 x 10.75 x 12.75 when assembled. Constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life, our cat trap is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. Collapsible design for space saving storage!


Cage Divider: The divider of this cat trap allows the cage to be used as a feeding and watering area. Slide it through the cage mesh, open the door and place food or water in the cat trap.


Burlap Cover: Helps camouflage the cat trap and soothes the cat once it is trapped.

Humane Live Animal Traps from Havahart® – the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.

Help & Advice

All About... Baits Tips  

Havahart® Stray Cat Rescue Kit, Model 1099 ; cat trap, humane cat trap, live cat trapFeral Cats

Feral cats are a growing issue in the United States.
Conservationists argue that feral cats contribute greatly
to the population reduction of songbirds and other
endangered birds, with estimates that bird loss is at
100 million a year due to predation.

Customer Reviews

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I didnt know what to expect when I bought this trap. I followed the baiting hints (1/2 can tuna cat food, newspaper in the bottom, and used the supplied burlap). In 3 nights, I trapped 3 feral cats ! This product is worth every penny !!!

  Humane management of stray cat population 

Very easy to set up ... functions as advertised...made my allergies much more managable when working or resting outside my beatuiful home.



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