Electronic Animal Repellents

Looking for a repellent that works against a variety of animals? Havahart® has developed several electronic animal repellents that allow you to target several animals at once. These electronic animal deterrents use water, sounds and harmless shocks to teach critters a lesson!

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Electronic Repellents Backed by Over 100 Years of Animal Experience and Product Innovation

Researchers at Havahart® and its sister brands have been studying wild animals and house pests since 1898. Havahart® produced the first humane trap in 1940, and has since been dedicated to delivering the most efficient animal control products to your home or business. Each day Havahart® continues to innovate with the cutting-edge technology of electronic animal repellers.


Electronic Animal Repellents from Havahart® are Effective, Humane, and Low-Maintenance

Havahart® only offers electronic animal repellents that work – the electronic repellents offered on this site are the result of rigorous testing and animal research. The repellents work to frighten away or cause discomfort to animals like mice, rats, cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and more, without causing them any harm and without using any dangerous chemicals. And since you don’t need to continuously reapply these repellents, electronic deterrents require almost no maintenance.


Use an Electronic Animal Deterrent Alongside Other Animal Repellents and Live Traps for Total Wild Animal Protection

Electronic animal repelling devices are extremely effective at repelling animals when used alone, but even more effective when used in conjunction with other animal repellents and live traps. The more methods you use to get rid of pests, the better your defense. For example, try an electronic deer repellent alongside an egg-based spray repellent, an ultrasonic mouse repeller alongside a live trap, or an electronic cat repellent alongside a spray or granular repellent and a live cat trap—these combinations defend your property on all fronts.


Try a Havahart Spray Away® - The Most Versatile Electronic Repellent on the Market

Havahart Spray Away® is a line of motion-activated sprinkler repellents that detect animal movement and deter animals by using startling bursts of water. Spray Away’s infrared sensor can detect animals from rabbits to birds to deer, and upon detection its sprinkler head deploys a sudden jet of water. Use Spray Away to condition all types of animals to stay away from a protected area; it’s an electronic cat repellent, electronic deer repellent, electronic bird repeller, electronic dog repellent, electronic raccoon repellent, and more - all in one device.


Check Out our Electronic Repellent Reviews

Havahart® offers some of the highest-rated electronic animal repellers on the market, and you can find them all here. Read our electronic animal repellent reviews to learn more about our consumers’ experiences, before you try one for yourself. Loyal customers love our electronic animal repellents, and you will too.