Humane Rabbit Traps

If you have a garden, hungry rabbits can cause you grief, as they pose a constant threat to your flowers, plants and vegetables. Live rabbit traps can help you thwart a bunny invasion so you can take back your property from these destructive critters!
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  • 2-DOOR
    Havahart® Medium 2-Door Safe Release Animal Trap

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Tips And Ideas For Using Humane Rabbit Traps

Removing unwanted rabbits can be done humanely. Havahart®, a leading manufacturer of caring animal control products for more than 70 years, offers a variety of 1-door, 2-door and collapsible bunny traps that help you capture the rogue rabbits on your property.

To ensure a safe, live capture, Havahart® has made it a point to thoroughly research rabbit habits. By understand their needs, you’ll have more success in capturing them. Check out these articles to help you humanely trap rabbits:

  • Do I Have Rabbits? — If you haven’t seen them, you can look for clues about what’s been digging in your garden and eating your plants.
  • Which Is Better? Repellents or Traps?— Consider these points when trying to decide whether you should trap a rabbit or focus on driving it away.
  • Live Rabbit Trapping Tips?—If bunnies are chowing down in your flowerbed, it’s time to take action with these simple tips.
  • Best Rabbit Baits: — If you’re thinking a carrot is going to bait a bunny into your Havahart® live rabbit trap, think again!

To help you deal with the pest animals in your yard, garden and flowerbeds, Havahart® offers a rewards program that lets you earn money back with every purchase. Between Havahart® Rewards and the savings available through the Havahart® eNewsletter,you’ll be ready to take on any rabbit!

You could also try another tactic: Repelling rabbits instead of trapping them!