Muskrat Traps

Are burrowing muskrats causing structural damage to your ponds or waterways? Trapping can be an effective muskrat control option – if you’re using the right trap. Havahart®, offers a variety of live traps that can help you remove muskrats from your property!

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    Havahart® Large 1-Door Easy Set® Trap
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    Havahart® Large 2-Door Easy Set® Trap

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Havahart® Easy Set®: The Most Innovative Muskrat Trap on the Market

One-step set and release makes using Havahart® Easy Set® the ideal way to trap muskrats - for professional and novice trappers alike. The patent-pending technology of the innovative Easy Set® lever allows you to set and release with only one hand! The sensitive trigger ensures quick and secure activation of the spring-loaded door(s) when a muskrat enters the trap, and the rounded internal edges prevent an animal from injuring itself if it tries to escape. There’s also a solid handle guard to protect you as you transport the captured muskrat.


The large Easy Set® traps are the perfect size for trapping muskrats, while also reducing the likelihood of catching other critters by mistake. Easy Set® is available in a 1-Door and a 2-Door version, so you can to choose the best muskrat trap for your specific needs.


Our Traditional Traps for Muskrats

You can also trap muskrats effectively with our line of medium and large traditional traps, each of which offers a budget-friendly animal control alternative. The Havahart® Large 1-Door Trap 2-Pack offers a discount on your second trap, making it the most economical way to prevent multiple muskrats from becoming a menace to your property.


All Havahart® traps are made from tough, rust-resistant galvanized steel for unmatched durability, as well as a 1-year warranty for your protection and peace of mind. No wonder Havahart® live traps are the preferred choice of animal control officers and professional trappers all across the United States!


Take a Closer Look at Each of Our Muskrat Traps

Learn more about our muskrat traps by reviewing the individual product descriptions found on this page, and place your order right here at our convenient and secure online store. Stop a muskrat invasion in its tracks with the help of effective animal traps from Havahart®!

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