Dog Traps

Stray dogs can cause a variety of issues, including digging up yards, gardens and posing potential threats to family pets and even small children. The right dog trap can allow you to capture the animal effectively and humanely!

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  • Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap



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    Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap - 2 Pack

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Havahart® Humane Dog Traps Can Provide the Solution

Remove unwanted stray dogs the most humane way! For more than 60 years, we’ve been manufacturing caring animal control products that make it easy to capture nuisance animals without harming them. A humane dog trap can alleviate your canine problem quickly and efficiently, even if you’ve never tried to trap an animal before!


Large Dog Traps Ideally Suited for Catching Canines

Our Havahart® live animal traps are sized for different animal targets. A great example is our X-Large 1-Door Trap, which is ideal for use as a dog trap and for capturing other larger critters such as foxes, cats, beavers and groundhogs. Professional trappers and animal control experts prefer this trap for its ability to provide a quick and secure catch without endangering the animal in any way. You’ll appreciate how easy the trap is to use – and that it really works.


Our Live Dog Traps Protect the Animal – and You!

Our live traps for dogs feature smoothed internal edges that protect the animal from injury as it struggles to free itself. Mesh openings that are smaller than those found in other live dog traps help to eliminate the chances of escape and possibly harming you or someone nearby. Solid doors and handle guards protect you as you transport the trap.


Learn More About Our Dog Traps

Find below our Havahart® live dog traps. Take a closer look at the many valuable features, and be sure to review the helpful bait recommendations and tips for getting the most out of your trap. Get rid of your stray dog problem once and for all with the help of Havahart® traps!