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Natural Rabbit Repellents To Repel & Keep Rabbits Out
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rabbit   repellent.  Havahart powerful rabbit repellant

Havahart® Rabbit Repellents

Wild rabbits are known for their voracious appetites, and even a few bunnies can make quick work of your garden. Of course, the rabbit’s legendary ability to multiply also means that when you see one rabbit, many more are sure to follow! 

If you notice signs of a rabbit problem on your property, you need to act quickly before you have a full-blown bunny invasion on your hands.


Keep Rabbits Out of Yard and Garden Areas with Havahart® Rabbit Repellents

Prevent rabbit damage! Repel unwanted rabbits with a Havahart® rabbit repellent. Havahart® offers many different kinds of rabbit repellents for effective rabbit control. Rabbit repellent will form a protective barrier against these unwanted critters. Choose the rabbit repellent that best meets your needs!


Defence by Havahart®: A Natural Rabbit Repellent That Really Works!

DeFence® works by targeting a rabbit’s highly developed sense of smell. DeFence® contains the highest concentration of putrescent egg on the market, an all-natural ingredient that has proven to be effective at deterring rabbits and also keeps deer away. DeFence® is available in pellet form to create a protective perimeter, or a ready-to-use spray for direct use on plants and shrubs.


Spray Your Rabbit Problems Away with Havahart® Spray Away®!

Havahart Spray Away® is a motion-activated sprinkler device that uses a combination of sound, motion and sudden bursts of water to startle rabbits and drive them away. Just connect Spray Away to your water supply, and place it along a rabbit’s path to your garden. When a bunny approaches, the sprinkler’s built-in infrared sensor detects its movements and sets a jet of water into motion. For a hose-free rabbit repellent, try the latest addition to the Spray Away family, the solar-powered Havahart Spray Away® Elite II!


Havahart® Rabbit Deterrents: Your Best Protection Against a Rabbit Invasion

Don’t let wild rabbits take control of your yard or garden and ruin all of your hard work. Order a Havahart® rabbit repellent today!


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Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
2-1.25 lb. containers - 1,250 sq. ft
$27  $23.99 Sale
2 - 32 oz. bottles - 1000 sq. ft.
$31  $19.99 Sale
50 oz. Pump Spray - 780 sq. ft.
$25  $19.99 Sale
1.25 lbs. - 625 sq. ft.
2 - 50 oz. bottles - 1560 sq. ft.
$50  $38.99 Sale
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