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Dr. T's Nature Products® Mole Repellents

Moles are stealthy creatures that spend much of their time underground. While you may never actually see moles, the property damage they cause is highly visible. 

Digging moles can create holes all over your lawn that serve as entrances and exits to their underground burrows. While moles typically don’t eat plants, their constant digging in search of earthworms and other insects to eat can create pockets around the plant roots, limiting their ability to grow.


Dr. T’s Nature Products®: The Ultimate Mole Control Solution

End mole damage with our patented mole repellent that’s environmentally friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting. Dr. T’s mole repellents effectively deter moles without harming them. Whether you need to eliminate moles from a lawn, a playground or even a larger area such as a golf course or other commercial property, Dr. T’s mole repellents provide the best defense against mole damage.


Repellents That Target the Mole’s Food Source

Wild animals tend to stake their claim in an area that proves to be an excellent source of food. Moles may be attracted to your property if it offers an abundance of earthworms and other mole delicacies. Dr. T’s mole repellents do not target the mole itself; instead, they target their food source. The repellent works by coating the insects with natural ingredients (including castor oil) which upset the mole’s stomach, causing it to leave your property in search of more appetizing cuisine! The mole repellent also conditions the animal so it doesn’t make a return visit.


Choose the Mole Repellent Formula That Best Meets Your Needs

Dr. T’s highly effective mole repellent products are available in convenient granule or liquid form for fast application. Mole Out® Mole Repelling Granules include a combination of castor oil and other all-natural oils that can be easily applied over wide areas with a fertilizer spreader. Whole Control Mole Repellent is a liquid concentrate formula consisting of 100-percent castor oil. The convenient hose-end sprayer enables you to cover areas up to 5,000 square feet.


Stop mole damage by eliminating these pesky critters effectively with the help of Dr. T’s Nature Products® Mole Repellents!


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