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Above Ground Garden Electric Wire Fence System Kit
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electric fence kits

Electric Fence Garden Kits

If you have pets that you allow to wander outside, you know how difficult it can be to keep them in your yard and out of trouble. Keeping them out of your garden and other “forbidden zones” on your property can also present a challenge. 

And depending on where you live, small wild animals or roaming neighborhood pets and strays can pose a constant threat to your property, your pets and even your small children as they play in your yard. A garden electric fence can provide the effective and humane animal control solution you need.


Protect Your Property with a Havahart® Electric Fence System

Havahart® electric fence kits offer you a longer-term solution against critters and small predators. Our electric fence systems are designed to keep your pets in and uninvited animals out. Unlike a traditional wooden or chain-link fence, an electric animal repellent fence conditions the animal by delivering a mild electric “correction” if it ventures too close. While the correction does not harm the animal, it effectively trains it to stay away from the area for good! Our electric fence systems are a great way to break your pets of bad habits or keep wild animals at bay.


Choose the Electric Fence System That Best Meets Your Needs

We offer a variety of electric fence systems to meet your specific animal control needs. Whether you’re looking for an electric fence for garden areas that are smaller in size or a fence with a range of up to a mile, you’ll get the benefit of a targeted solution that really works! If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of building a traditional fence, you’ll also appreciate how easy our electric fence systems are to install!


Take a Closer Look at Each of Our Electric Fence Systems

Take a few minutes to explore each of our animal repellent fences below to determine which one is best for the layout of your property and the types of animals you need to deter. Repel nuisance animals the easy way with the help of a Havahart® electric fence system!


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Up to 1 mile range
250 ft. of wire & 18 poles
(not rated)
Up to 1 mile range
30 extra poles, 23" H
(not rated)
15 extra poles
(not rated)
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