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DeFence Rabbit And Deer Repellent: Protect Garden Vegetables
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Defence® by Havahart® Rabbit & Deer Repellent

Are deer destroying your plants and trees? Are wild rabbits ravaging your garden? You’re not alone! Deer and rabbits are two of the most notorious animal pests, causing extensive damage to properties all across the United States. 

The good news is that the right deer and rabbit repellent can help you get rid of these persistent and destructive critters effectively – and without causing them harm. DeFence® by Havahart®, a leading manufacturer of caring animal control for more than 60 years, can provide the solution you need!


Mount an Impenetrable Defense With DeFence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent!

Defending your turf just got a lot easier! Protect gardens from rabbits and deer by using DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repelling Pellets to create a defensive perimeter around your garden. Apply DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent, Ready-To-Use Spray directly onto plants for more targeted animal protection. For best results, use both formulas together for a formidable all-around animal defense.


Active Ingredients That Really Work!

DeFence® contains the highest concentration of putrescent egg scent deterrent on the market. Putrescent egg mimics the smell of decaying flesh, making the animal believe a predator is lurking nearby. The pellet formula also contains 49.5 percent dried blood, which reminds the animal of dead prey. These two ingredients combine to trigger the powerful flight response inherent in deer and rabbits, causing the critter to head for the hills and not come back! And DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent by Havahart® is OMRI listed®, making it appropriate for use in organic gardening.


Enjoy Long-Lasting Deer and Rabbit Protection

DeFence® begins to protect a garden from rabbits and deer immediately, and one application lasts a long time. You only need to apply DeFence® a few times during the growing season. Simply reapply when the effects of the previous application show signs of fading.


Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

DeFence® is humane, effective and easy to use. Plus, YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! If you’re not completed satisfied with your deer and rabbit repellent, Havahart® will buy it back at the suggested retail price or replace it at no charge!


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