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Chipmunk Repellents

Chipmunks are natural-born diggers that can create extensive burrow networks under your yard. They also love to munch on those flower bulbs you've worked so hard to grow. Repel pesky chipmunks with a Havahart® chipmunk repellent!
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    Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granular

    Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granular

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    Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granular 5 lb - 3 Pack & FREE SHIPPING

    Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granular 5 lb - 3 Pack & FREE SHIPPING



  • Spray Away Elite II - Motion Activated Sprinkler


Keep Chipmunks Away With Havahart Spray Away®


Havahart Spray Away® is an impulse sprinkler that uses a combination of sudden jets of water, motion and sound, making for a powerful chipmunk repellent. You can easily connect this natural chipmunk repellent to your water supply, and place it where you’ve noticed signs of chipmunk activity, such as near the edge of your garden or a burrow entrance. The device’s infrared sensor detects the motion of an approaching chipmunk and unleashes quick bursts of water that humanely startle the critter and drive it away. The chipmunk will quickly become conditioned to avoid your property once and for all. Spray Away is completely harmless but extremely effective. For a portable, hose-free chipmunk repellent, try our newest addition, solar-powered Havahart Spray Away® Elite II.


Sprinkle or Spray Critter Ridder® Chipmunk Repellent

When it comes to getting rid of bothersome chipmunks, repellent products containing the best ingredients can get the job done effectively. Critter Ridder® from Havahart® contains oil of black pepper, capsaicin and piperine, a potent combination that directly affects the chipmunk’s well-developed sense of taste and smell. Sprinkle the granular version around flower beds and other chipmunk-frequented areas to create a chipmunk-deterring perimeter, or apply the ready-to-use spray directly onto soil or plants. When the critter gets a whiff or taste of Critter Ridder®, it experiences an intense and extremely unpleasant burning sensation that it won’t soon forget! The ingredients in Critter Ridder® are approved for use in organic gardening.


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