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Havahart® Dog & Cat Repellents

Looking for a powerful dog and cat repellent? Stray animals and loose pets can wreak havoc on your property, creating the need for an effective cat and dog repellent. Keep unwanted cats and dogs out of your yard with a Havahart® dog and cat repellent. 

Havahart® offers a variety of effective dog repellent and cat repellent solutions as well as electronic repellers - that will help you prevent damage from cats and dogs.


Havahart Spray Away®: An Excellent Animal Repellent for Cats and Dogs

Spray Away is a motion-activated sprinkler device that serves as an around-the-clock feline and canine repellent. Simply connect the device to your water supply, and place it along the path animals take to get to your property. When the critter gets too close, an infrared sensor detects its presence, activating the sprinkler. The sudden bursts of water, combined with the sound and movement of the sprinkler startles the animal and send it running for the hills! What makes Havahart Spray Away® one of the most effective dog and cat deterrent products is that it conditions or “trains” the animal not to come back. You get the benefit of around-the-clock protection against cats, dogs and all types of nuisance animals.


Critter Ridder®: A Natural Dog and Cat Repellent That’s Easy to Apply!


Our dog and cat repellents are approved for use in organic gardening.


Havahart® cat repellant and dog repellent solutions keep unwanted animals from damaging your yard and garden…order dog and cat repellent from Havahart® today.

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3 - 5 lb. shakers - 900 sq. ft.
$144  $79.99 Sale
Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
5 lbs. - 300 sq. ft.
$48  $28.99 Sale
Repellent Bundle - 440 sq. ft.
$45  $31.99 Sale
32 fl. oz. - 960 sq. ft.
$78  $69.99 Sale
32 fl. oz. - 320 sq. ft.
$26  $23.99 Sale
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