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Animal Repellents, Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules, BHDT363
Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules

Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules

model #: BHDT363
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Best Used For:
Keep snakes away from areas they are not wanted. Dr. T’s Nature Products® will help you take care of your snake control problems! This granular patented formula is EPA registered and so easy to use. read full product details »  

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Product Details

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Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules


America’s #1 Selling Snake Repellent:
Dr.T’s Snake-A-Way® has been the most trusted name in snake repellent for decades.  With greater than 91% repellency rate for rattlesnakes and garter snakes, Snake-A-Way® is a powerful snake repellent solution that will keep your property free of snakes.



Disrupts Snake Sensory Receptors


Snake-A-Way® works by temporarily disrupting the snake’s sensory receptors -- Jacobson’s Organ (auxiliary olfactory sense organ).  This disorientation causes the snake to slither away unharmed, in search of fresh air.



Only EPA Registered Snake Repellent:
Dr.T’s Snake-A-Way’s unique formula is the only EPA-registered snake repellent on the market, making it the best snake control option for homeowners, and choice for commercial snake repellents. It's envornmentally responsible!


Fast-Acting and Easy to Use:
Snake-A-Way® starts working immediately after application. It’s also very easy to apply; wearing gloves, apply the granules to the perimeter of the area that is to be protected. Place bands 4-5 inches wide to repel garter snakes, 8-12 inches wide to repel rattlers. For yard application, sprinkle Snake-A-Way® throughout the area within the perimeter. When odor becomes faint, simply reapply.

Long Lasting!Long-Lasting Formula:
One application of the 1.75 lb. bottle covers up to .22 acres, and will effectively repel garter snakes, rattlesnakes and other species from areas they are not wanted for up to 3 months, making it the economical choice.

This product contains naphthalene (7%) and sulfur (28%) as its active ingredients.



Dr. T’s Nature Products® offers a variety of innovative solutions to effectively control nuisance animals and insects.


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Help & Advice

All About... Control Options FAQs  


All About Snakes...


General Snake Facts


Snake General Facts

Snakes are classified as vertebrates since their flexible bodies have far more vertebrates (up to 400) than humans (just 32).  This allows snakes to have far greater elasticity, which they use to devour large animals many times their width.


Snake’s eyes are protected by clear scales, which are needed since their eyes always remain open. Additional features of a snake are it’s forked tongue, and lack of external ears.




Snake Reproduction

Snakes mate in the spring as the weather warms; however, snakes in warmer climates can reproduce year-round.


Depending on the species, female snakes will either have live young, keeping the eggs inside of her body until they hatch, or she will deposit the eggs in a nest she has constructed and sit on top of them, protecting them until they hatch.




Snake Habitat

There are about 250 species of snakes in the United States and Canada.  Only two groups are venomous - the coral snake and the pit vipers.

The pit vipers include the cottonmouth/water moccasin, copperhead, and rattlesnake.  There are three ways to distinguish between a pit viper and a nonpoisonous snake in the United States:

Snake habitat

  • Pit Vipers have a deep pit on each side of the head, midway between the eye and nostril. This does not exist on nonpoisonous snakes.
  • Poisonous snakes have a scale pattern on the under side that goes all the way across the width of the tail in a row.  Nonpoisonous snakes have a more broken pattern.
  • The pupil of the viper is egg shaped.  A nonpoisonous snake has an eye shape that is round.





Snake Diet

Snake diet - mouse

Most snakes will eat a variety of foods including insects, rodents, birds, slugs, and other reptiles such as frogs and lizards.








Other - Predators of Snakes

Its reptilian enemies include larger snakes and crocodiles. Although birds are part of snakes' diet, larger birds put snakes on their own menu. Other meat-eating animals will also prey on snakes.


If you are interested in more information on snake control, we invite you to visit our sister site at drtsnatureproducts.com



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Customer Reviews

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  rand malloy - from Amazon.com April 10, 2007
Reviewer: NO snakes with snake-away

It's not scientific, only anecdotal, but I used Snake-away around my small cabin for seven years and never had a snake. I thought maybe the rattlers in the fields around us just didn't like the disturbed soil and human smells and that's why I never had any at the cabin, so spring of year eight, I didn't apply snake-away. The next time we came to the cabin, a large rattler greeted us at the front door. I went back to applying snake-away. Five years later, with spring and fall applications, no signs of snakes at the cabin. I use it religiously!



28 lb. - 3.5 Acres
$112  $103.99 Sale
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