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Learn About The Newest Generation
of Motion-Activated Animal

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  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Sensor Area
    1,750 sq ft
    1,300 sq ft
  • Adjustable Sensor
    Repels Animals of
    All Sizes
    High/Medium/Low Terrain Sensor - targets squirrels and small animals. Customize to your landscape.
  • Low Battery
    Warning System
    Red LED light tells you from a distance
  • LED Light Movement Detection
    Aids Setup
    Will not get sprayed while testing unit
  • Leak-Free
    Two hose connection options
  • 2 Year Warranty
    Committed to making customer satisfaction our #1 priority
  • Eco-friendly
    Low Maintenance, using 2-3 cups of water per spray, no harmful chemicals


Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler System

We've Revolutionized Motion Activated Sprinklers.

After combing through hundreds of reviews and your valuable feedback, we've made you the unit you've been looking for -- see what people are saying!


I bought three of the motion activated sprinklers to keep deer away from a rose garden that is unfenced. I have watched deer stray into the sensor area and then immediately dart away when sprinklers are activated. Now the deer literally stay in the perimeter of the area being protected. Very satisfied with this product-- and my roses are too! — Randy


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