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Spray Away® 2.0 - Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack



Spray Away® 2.0 - Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack

Spray Away® 2.0 - Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2-Pack

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  • Item #5266B - 2-Pack!
  • Startling Burst of Water Repels a Variety of Nuisance Animals
  • Infrared Sensor Detects Animals Day and Night
  • Step-In Stakes Makes Setup Simple
  • 2-Pack: Protects up to 1,900 sq ft per Unit
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Model #5266

Effectively Repels:


Save Your Yard with a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Chase deer away from your garden, keep heron out of your koi pond, and scare cats off your lawn with Havahart Spray Away® 2.0. This motion-detecting animal repellent conditions critters to stay away from your yard by constantly seeking out their movement and frightening them off each time with the sudden activation of its sprinkler.

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Seeks out Animal Movement 24/7

Using infrared technology, Spray Away detects an animal’s movement up to 35 feet away. When an animal crosses its path, Spray Away releases a sudden burst of water combined with startling noise and motion that safely and effectively repels critters. And the animal detector works day or night, so it’s always on watch.

One-of-a-Kind Adjustable Sensor Eye

Unlike other motion-detector sprinklers, Havahart Spray Away® 2.0 gives you the ability to choose the angle at which its sensor detects, targeting different sized animals and different terrains.

Point the Adjustable Sensor Eye ‘up’ to detect large animals and birds, or to see uphill. Point it ‘down’ to detect smaller critters, or to see downhill.

Easy-to-Use Customizations

Fine-tune its sensitivity with one of nine settings, targeting your specific animal size and preferred coverage area. And for even more control over Spray Away’s coverage area, you can adjust the distance and arc of your water spray.

Setup Made Simple with a Step-In-Stake

Havahart® has made Spray Away easy to place in your yard with its Step-In Stake design. Gently step down into the foot stirrup and easily insert the stake in your desired area.

What’s more, the red LED light above the sensor eye blinks when it senses movement, so you can walk in front of the unit to test your sensitivity without getting wet, before you turn on the hose. The light also blinks when the unit is low on battery, so you never have to guess when it’s time to replace them.

A Low-Maintenance, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Pesticides

This motion-detector sprinkler repels using only water and noise, making it environmentally friendly and great for your lawn. Not only is it safer than applying pesticides, but it’s also more efficient and economical, since there is no re-application necessary. What’s more, it only uses two cups of water per spray to cover up to 1,900 square feet.

Compare Spray Away Models

Spray Away 2.0
Spray Away 2.0
traditional hose connection
Spray Away Elite II
Spray Away Elite II
hose-free and solar powered
Hose-Free Design  
Adjustable Sensitivity Settings
Adjustable Spray Distance and Arc
LED Light Movement Detection
Smart Warning System Low Battery Low Battery / Low Water
Power Source 4 AA Batteries
(not included)
Spray Capacity Unlimited
best for high animal activity
35 per Basin
up to moderate animal activity
Coverage Area 1,900 sq. ft. 1,900 sq. ft.
Warranty 2 years 2 years

2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Your Spray Away motion detector sprinkler unit is covered under a 2 year warranty.  If for any reason you have any issues with your Spray Away during that time, please call us at (855) 542-8242 so we can assist you.

Electronic Repellent - Model #5266
Electronic Deer Repellent Model # 5266
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Customizable Settings 9 Sensitivity Settings, Custom Sight Settings, Adjustable Spray Arc & Distance
Smart Warning System Notifications Sensed Movement | Low Battery
Water Usage 2 - 3 Cups per Spray
Coverage Area Radius 1,900 sq. ft.
Max. Detection Distance 35 ft. | 180°
Max. Spray Distance 35 ft.
Unit Specs Weight 1.5 lb.
Battery 4 AA (not included)
Water Source Standard Garden Hose Required
Waterproof Yes
Infrared Sensor Yes
Average Battery Life 1 Year
Box Contents
  • 1 Sprinkler Repellent
  • 1 Non-strip Wrench
  • 1 Step-In Stake
  • 1 Instruction Manual
Package Weight 6 lb.
Package Dimensions 20" x 8.75" x 10.81"
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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Ease of use

Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 17, 2014

motion sprinkler
By Sandra L. Pembleton "spanda" - via Amazon.com

We have problems with deer eating our flowers before we get to enjoy them...my husband told me about this sprinkler so I got on Amazon and found it. We have set it up after dark to see if it would really help....and it has. The deer have not been back and the flowers are blooming. Thank you.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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Yes No

Ease of use

Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 17, 2014

great for deer
By robert - via Amazon.com

This is a great product for repelling deer. I have however recently put my house up for sell. I have found it's very improtant to turn it off when a realator is showing the house. Haha!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Q.Will Spray Away scare my dog/cat? 

Spray Away is meant to startle animals, so it will likely frighten your dog or cat if he or she crosses its path.

Q.Will Spray Away repel birds? 

Spray Away will repel birds like heron, pigeons, geese, and ducks, but it might not detect smaller species like sparrows and finches.

Q.Where is the best location for my Spray Away 2.0? 

Spray Away 2.0 has a step-in-stake, which requires soft ground to install. You should place your Spray Away on soft ground in the area you would like to protect with the sensor facing the direction of the animal activity.

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