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Havahart® Spray Away Repels Birds Of All Kinds
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Heron Spray

Havahart® Spray Away

Repels Birds!

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  • Senses & Repels Birds, Before They Land
  • Convenient 24/7 Protection from Birds
  • Simple Installation
  • Protects Up To 1,900 Square Feet
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    How it Works:

    Spray Away is the most advanced bird repellent on the market - and its new features make it more effective and easier to setup than ever before!

    Senses Bird Activity

    Spray Away's Adjustable Sensor Eye rotates upward to sense and spray birds before they land using infrared sensors to detect a bird's heat and movement.

    Spray Away

    Repels Birds Instantly

    After sensing, Spray Away releases a blast of water combined with sudden noise and unexpected movement to scare the bird away. The bird will associate the unpleasant experience with the area and learns to avoid the it.

    Protects Your Property 24/7!

    Ideal for repelling birds from ponds, pools, lawns, gardens and other outdoor areas. Spray Away will guard your property 24/7, day and night against unwanted bird intruders.

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    How to Use – Quick 5 Minute Assembly!

    1. Rotate sensor eye to desired position and choose sensitivity setting
    2. Use Step-in Stake to place Spray Away in the area you want to protect
    3. Hook up & turn on hose!
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