Havahart® Snake Shield™ Snake Repellent Granular 4 lb - 3 Pack

Model #: b6400-3

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Havahart® Snake Shield™ Snake Repellent Granular 4 lb - 3 Pack

Havahart® Snake Shield™ Snake Repellent Granular 4 lb - 3 Pack

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  • Item #B6400-3: 3 Pack!
  • Repels Snakes
  • Natural Long-Lasting Formula
  • Effective Immediately
  • Safe for People, Pets, and Plants
Cannot Ship To : AK, NM, SD

Model #6400

Best Used For:


Protect More Land for Less

Buy more and save more with this cost effective 3-pack bundle! Havahart® Snake Shield™ effectively repels snakes from a wide variety of areas!

Long-Lasting Formula that Works Immediately

Time-release granules activate upon application and provide long-lasting protection against snakes. Just shake the bag to evenly distribute the repelling granules in 8-inch bands around or beside areas to create an effective snake barrier.

Safe For Use Around People, Pets and Plants

This snake repellent is chemical-free and environmentally friendly, so it won't harm your family, pets or lawn. Use Snake Shield™ around virtually any outdoor area such as:

  • house perimeters
  • yards
  • flowerbeds
  • vegetable gardens
  • parks
  • trailers
  • fence lines
  • playgrounds
  • and more...
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Havahart® Snake-Shield™ is guaranteed to work, or your money back. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Snake Shield™ purchase, Havahart® will refund the suggested retail price or replace it for free.

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Snake Shield - Model #6400
Model # 6400
Presentation Granules
Size (Weight) 4 lb
Bag Type Resealable Bag
Bag Dimensions Height: 12" | Width: 8"

Disclaimer: Havahart does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
June 28, 2017
Latest order not working as before By Goose

This most recently purchased batch does not smell as pungent nor does it seem to be deterring the deer. Previous purchases seemed to work much better. Wife is not happy

Response From Havahart®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We apologize for this experience and would like the opportunity to learn more.  Please give our Consumer Relations Team a call at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) so we can better understand the situation and provide assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
May 4, 2017
Effective product By Fred

The product does a great job of repelling deer and rabbits. Other products have an offensive odor which makes them noxious to use. Deer Off has no offensive odor. There is one problem - the small particles in the mix sometimes will clog the nozzle of the sprayer which makes spraying a bit more difficult. But the product works as advertised.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
April 8, 2017
When to reapply? By Susan

There is no information of the package about the need to re-apply due to rain, etc. I saw a couple of copperheads last summer and spread 5 bags around my property. Never saw another one. Also did not reapply last summer. Have seen two small nondescript snakes already this year so I just spread two bags. Am I to assume it is not effected by rain or sun? Apparently it is effected by time since I have seen two snakes this spring.

Response From Havahart®
Susan : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Susan,

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback.

We recommend reapplying when you are no longer able to smell the product.  The amount of time one application will last varies based on how much product was applied, the amount of rain received etc.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
August 24, 2016
Great contents, packaging needs help By Golunda
The product is great, granules distribute well, smells nice, camouflages well in the grass and garden, and is hopefully keeping us free of snakes. I appreciate that the ingredients are not full of chemicals and are not harmful to people or creatures, yet still offensive to those we want to repel. My suggestion for improvement would be two things: 1) Those who do not want snakes around or have phobias (as in my husband's case) DO NOT want to even be handling packaging with large pictures of the creatures that cause them trauma. A caricature or no pic at all (or a pic of just a shield?) would be a very helpful improvement. 2) I prefer a shaker container as opposed to the ziplock style. Thanks!
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
July 4, 2016
Repels Deer But Destroys The Flowers By slgas

It's hard to keep the spray off the flowers themselves, such as on knockout roses, geraniums, and angelonia, flowers that deer love. The spray withers/kills those flowers. While the absence of flowers keeps the deer away, the absence of flowers removes the only reason I have for having flowering plants in the first place.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
April 30, 2016
Snake Sheild By Jannie
My first purchase and I am very satisfied with product and a timely delivery.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
August 30, 2015
This Works! By ft gray 1967
Killed 11 Copperheads around the house. Ordered this in and out it under the house and around it. 2 weeks and not one snake, frog, bug or anything. Highly recommend. Real deal it seems!
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 17, 2014
My garden is lush and beautiful By Maria
I have used Deer Off EXCLUSUVELY for the past 15 years, both in the Low Country of SC and now in the mountains of Asheville, NC. It is extremely effective!   When I moved to Asheville one year ago, neighbors kept telling me that I was wasting my time planting hostas and other lovely plants that were attractive to deer. I told them that all you had to do was to spray regularly with Deer Off. They laughed at me, and of course did not take the advice of someone they considered too new to the area to understand the eating habits of deer.   Well, my garden is lush and beautiful, with hostas thriving and in bloom all over, while theirs has been decimated by the local deer population. And my neighbors STILL won't admit I'm right! I would not waste my money on another deer repellant. I have even grown to like that garlicky aroma of Deer Off!
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 17, 2014
My Best Garden Ever By Billie
My best garden was last year! It was the biggest and best one that I've ever had. I had so much vegetables, that I couldn't keep up with the canning. I used Deer Off to keep the deer away and that did the trick. The deer have almost ruined my gardens every year until I used Deer Off!
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 17, 2014
Great product :) By Jan
This stuff works great, I spray more frequently than recommended but the deer walk through my yard and don't touch any of my flowers/plants.
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Q.Just to confirm. Snake Shield is safe for pets, but Snake Away is not? Also, will these products also repel toads and frogs?

The Snake Shield™ is chemical-free and environmentally friendly. It can be confidently used around people and pets.

We recommend keeping pets and children away from areas treated by Snake-A-Way®.

These products will not repel toads or frogs.

Q.How much coverage do you get out of a 4 pound bag

The coverage area will vary based on how thickly the product is applied.

Q.What's the differents between snake away and snake shield ?

I bought snake a way only to find out that it only repels garters and rattlers. I found this out by calling the company. My problem is copperheads. 

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