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Rat Baits

Once you find the best trap for your rat problem, it is important to identify the perfect bait to lure them in. Read below to learn about suggested baits and additional trapping tips.

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Suggested Rat Baits

Do you have live rat traps and need to know what the best rat bait options are? Havahart® recommends the following baits to attract rats to your rat traps: cheese, bread, birdseed or peanuts.

Use a small plate to place the bait at the end of the live rat trap.


Professional Advice on Baiting an Animal Trap

Watch Billy Bretherton from "The Exterminator" a Wednesday evening show on A&E as he explains Havhart traps and how to bait them.

Don't let the show's name fool you; Billy is a big fan of Havahart® and live trapping.