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Havahart Announces 2nd Annual Nationwide Search for the Most Heartbreaking Deer John Letters


Havahart®, the leading producer of humane products designed to send nuisance wildlife packing, has launched its 2nd annual Deer John contest. Read More

Havahart® Cat Trap Rescue Kits Aid in Reuniting Pets with Owners in Aftermath of Natural Disasters


Easy-To-Set Traps are Ideal for Catching, Transporting and Short Term Care of Lost or Abandoned Cats. Read More

Havahart® Adds Spray Away Elite II Sprinkler Animal Repellent to Product Line-up


New and Improved Hose-free, Motion-Activated Repellent From Havahart® Protects Landscapes from Nuisance Animals. Read More

The New Feral Cat Infographic from Havahart® Supports Trap Neuter Return Programs


Havahart® has become more involved in the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) community, and has released a new infographic on its Wild Neighborhood blog, to educate the population about caring for feral cats. Read More

5 Tips from the Pros at Havahart® on How to Protect Your Yard and Garden from Costly Animal Damage


"Everyone's home is his castle". Havahart® Provides Tips To protect homes from unsightly and costly damage from unwanted animals and pets in yards and gardens. Read More

New at Duncraft - Havahart Spray Away® Keeps Cats Away from Bird Feeders


Havahart® motion-detecting Spray Away aims a sudden spray of water to chase away animals of any size, and answers the common Duncraft question of "How can I keep cats away from my bird feeders?" Read More

New High-Tech Havahart Spray Away® Elite Sprinkler Repellent Protects Yards from Costly Animal Damage


Homeowners battling unwanted animals on their property can finally win the war and protect costly home investments with the new Havahart Spray Away® Elite repellent, a solar-powered, hose-free motion... Read More

Havahart® Introduces its New Spray Away Elite Motion Detector Sprinkler – the Ultimate Hose-Free Protection against Animal Intruders!


Havahart® announces a new addition to the popular Spray Away line, the hose-FREE & fully portable Spray Away Elite. New solar-powered, hoseless Spray Away is more eco-friendly, economical, and portab... Read More

Organic Gardeners Celebrate New DeFence® Pellets as the Best Defence Against Rabbits


DeFence® by Havahart® announces its latest innovation: DeFence Rabbit Repelling Pellets. Made up of 99 percent active ingredient, this pelletized capsule is the most powerful formula on the market t... Read More

"Not in My Yard" Blog: The Gloves Come Off as Havahart® Launches its New Nuisance Animal Control Blog


Havahart® has launched the new Not in My Yard blog, where you can contribute posts, interact with other gardeners and get expert advice on taking your yard back from hungry wildlife. Read More

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