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Spray Away Motion Sensor Sprinkler To Deter Birds, Deer & More | Havahart Repellents
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Effectively Repels:

Havahart® Spray AwayTM Motion Sensor Sprinkler 

How It Works:

Havahart® Spray Away<sup>TM</sup> motion sensor sprinkler

Havahart® Spray AwayTM Motion Sensor Sprinkler repellent uses an infrared sensor to automatically detect nuisance animals of all sizes.


Repel deer, cats, dogs, heron, raccoons and other nuisance animals with quick bursts of water, noise and movement. This combination frightens the animal, creating an unpleasant experience which conditions the unwanted critter to avoid the protected area in the future!


Havahart® Spray Away animal repellent sprinkler can even protect ponds

Easy to use, Spray AwayTM effectively protects your yard, garden, flowers, water features and more, from all types of destructive animal intruders.  Spray AwayTM only uses 1-2 cups of water per spray, it’s environmentally-friendly and safe to use around kids and pets.


Unlike physical barriers like fencing, Spray AwayTM is highly discrete, compact, and portable.  This allows the unit to seamlessly guard your yard against intruders day and night, and in any area.

Spray Away motion detector sprinkler covers 1900 sq. ft.

The motion sensor sprinkler’s sensitivity setting allows the user to adjust for both coverage area and size of animal.




Reminder for Winter Use:

To prevent damage from freezing water, move Spray AwayTM inside and remove the battery before the temperature dips below the freezing point. Failure to do so may cause irreparable damage to parts of the unit.

  Spray AwayTM Options:

Havahart® offers different Spray AwayTM motion sensor sprinkler options to fit your unique needs.


2 Spray AwayTM Options:


Spray AwayTM 
Ideal for areas to be protected near hose connections

Havahart® Spray Away motion sensor sprinkler hose attachment
Hose connection provides constant water source
1 AA battery lasts for 6 months
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Spray AwayTM Elite II - Hoseless 
Ideal for anywhere in your yard

Havahart® Spray Away Elite hose-free
Discrete, hose-free design – fully portable.
Refillable water basin holds more than 30 sprays
Solar powered – works night and day with no
  battery required
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Coverage: 1,900 sq. ft.
Spray Away™ Motion-Activated Water Repellent Sprinkler 2.0
Ideal For
Repelling by motion, water & noise. Hose connection needed.
Coverage: 3,800 sq. ft.
Spray Away™ Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0 - Bundle
Ideal For
Repelling by motion, water & noise. Hose connection needed.
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