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Effectively Repels:

Havahart® DeFence®

Deer and rabbits are common yard and garden pests that can do major damage in a short amount of time. If these nuisance animals are threatening to turn your property into their own private habitat, you need to act quickly. DeFence® by Havahart® can provide an effective rabbit defense that also works great against deer!

How It Works:

Havahart® DeFence rabbit repellent have 3 times the power of other brands

DeFence® has a fast-acting
formula containing the highest
concentration of scent deterrent
(Putrescent Egg) on the market.


Havahart® DeFence® Rabbit repellent repels by odor
The scent mimics a dead animal, alerting rabbits and deer that a predator is nearby and drives
them away. While the odor is a powerful deterrent to rabbits and deer, it is undetectable to humans once the product dries. And you'll also find the OMRI® logo on the label, meaning it's been tested and approved for use in organic gardening.


One application of this rain-resistant formula starts working immediately and prevents rabbits and deer from eating your plants, trees and vegetables for up to 3 months! You only need to apply Defence® a few times during the growing season. Use the spray formula to directly treat plants and ornamentals, or use the pellet formula to create an effective deer/rabbit defense permineter. For maximum protection, use both formulas together!


The Best Rabbit Repellent and Deer Deterrent on the Market

DeFence® is your #1 solution for the destructive damage caused by rabbit and deer. There’s no better way to mount an effective deer and rabbit defense and prevent significant damage to your property. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll buy the product back or replace it for free!


  Where to Apply:

DeFence® Granular: Sprinkle in and
around low lying
plants and shrubs.
Havahart® DeFence® Granular rabbit and deer repellent
DeFence® Liquid:
Spray liquid on
plants for maximum
Havahart DeFence Liquid Rabbit Repellent

Apply DeFence® to:

  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Yard
  • Flower Beds
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Non-bearing Fruit & Citrus Trees
  • Seedlings


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Coverage: 780 sq. ft.
DeFence® Rabbit Repellent, </br>RTU Pump Sprayer, 50 oz.
Ideal For
Maximum plant surface protection; liquid formula repels by strong scent of putrescent egg.
Coverage: 500 sq. ft.
DeFence® Rabbit Repellent, </br>RTU Spray, 32 oz.
Ideal For
Maximum plant surface protection; liquid formula repels by strong scent of putrescent egg.
Coverage: 625 sq. ft.
DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repelling Pellets, 1.25 lb.
Ideal For
Perimeter protection; granular formula repells by putrescent egg & blood.
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