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Effectively Repels:

Havahart® Critter Ridder®

How It Works:

Critter Ridder animal repellent uses a combination of 3 different types of pepper

Critter Ridder® animal repellent uses a powerful combination of 3 different types of pepper: oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin. But it is more effective than any old pepper repellent; this patented and proven formula works by immediately irritating nuisance animals after they smell, taste or touch areas treated with Critter Ridder® animal repellent. Animals experience a burning sensation that is much like biting into a red-hot jalapeno pepper. However, Critter Ridder® does not leave a scent that is offensive to humans.


This unpleasant experience drives the animal away unharmed, and unwilling to return to the treated area.

Critter Ridder animal repellant repels by scent, taste, and touch 

Critter Ridder® Repels Many Different Nuisance Animals

Nuisance animals come in many different varieties. Critter Ridder® effectively repels six different types of pests, including raccoons, squirrels, skunks and groundhogs, and even the stray cats and dogs that are prevalent in so many neighborhoods these days.


The Perfect Natural Animal Repellent for Organic Gardeners

Critter Ridder® granules is an OMRI® Listed product that is approved for use in organic gardening. Many organic gardeners prefer Critter Ridder® as an alternative to chemical pesticides.


Long-Lasting Pest Protection

Just one application of Critter Ridder® lasts up to 30 days. The need to apply a repellent so infrequently can help you save money on pest control products while giving you much more time to enjoy your yard and garden.

  Where to Apply:

Critter Ridder®
Sprinkle in
and around an area
you want to protect. By sprinkling the granules along garden pathways or around flower beds, you can create an effective perimeter to deter pests from entering these areas.
Havahart® Critter Ridder® Granular
Critter Ridder®
Spray liquid
for multi-surface
protection. Apply the peppery spray animal repellent directly onto trash, soil, plants and other areas on your property where you see signs of animal activity. For best results, use both Critter Ridder® formulas together for highly effective dual-area pest protection.
Havahart® Critter Ridder® liquid can be used for multi-surface protection

Apply Critter Ridder® to:

  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Yard
  • Flower Beds
  • Ornamental Plants, Trees, & Shrubs
  • Garbage cans
  • Birdfeeders
  • Trash Bags
  • Indoor Potted Plants
  • Storage Areas
  • Basements
  • Cellars
  • Sheds
  • Barns


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Coverage: 200 sq. ft.
Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent, Granular Shaker, 5 lb.
Ideal For
Perimeter protection; granular formula.
Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
Critter Ridder® Dual Area Protection Bundle
Ideal For
Multi-surface & perimeter protection; liquid & granular formula.
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