Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence

Model #: 5140G

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  • Item #5140G
  • Customizable Fence Boundary For All Property Types
  • 1/3 Acre Roaming Area
  • Wide Signal Field
  • Safety Features & Surge Protection

Model #5140G

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Protect Your Dog While Giving Him the Freedom He Craves

The Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence will let your dog enjoy the freedom your yard has to offer, while you rest assured that he is safely contained within your property. Use this system to establish a boundary and train your dog not to cross it with a series of adjustable signals. The versatile settings include a Tone-Only correction and 5 levels of safe and effective Static stimuli, which are delivered through the collar.

Easy to Install and Customize

Simply bury the Fence Wire around the perimeter of your desired containment area, creating a closed loop. Use the Digital Transmitter to set your desired Warning Zone inside of the correction Boundary. This is the area you designate to send the warning tone to your dog as he begins to approach the Boundary. At the exterior correction Boundary, your dog will receive a measured Static correction, determined by you. This dual warning system is designed to condition your dog to stay within the Boundary without ever having to receive a correction - he will associate the warning tone with the correction and learn to play freely within the containment area.

Training is key to success - you must be able to dedicate time to spending time with your pet and the included Havahart® Field Training Cards.

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Contains Mutiple Pets and Can Be Extended Up to 13 Acres

Contained in this Underground Dog Fence System is enough Boundry Wire to cover 1/3 acre. With the purchase of Havahart® Boundary Kits, you can extend your containment area up to 13 acres, providing your dog with even more room to play. And with the purchase of extra collars, you can contain an unlimited number of dogs on your property.

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Havahart Remote Dog Trainer
Model # 5140G
Fence Type Wired
Fence Shape Customizable
Roaming Area Size 1/3 Acre; Up to 13 Acres with Expansion Kits
Correction Modes Tone-Only; 5 Static Correction Levels
Warning Zone Width 3 - 24 ft.
Safety Time-Out Feature Yes
Collar Neck Size Up to 30"
Battery CR2450 Coin Lithium Battery
Water Resistant Yes - Cannot be Submerged in Water
Motion-Sensor Technology Yes - Conserves Battery Life
Dog Age Over 6 Months
Coat Type Any
Number of Dogs Unlimited, with Additional Collar Purchases
Warranty 12-Month Parts
Box Contents
  • Wall Mount Transmitter
  • Havahart® Water Resistant Collar
  • 1 CR2450 Coin Lithium Battery
  • 2 Probes for Short-Haired Dogs
  • 2 Probes for Long-Haired Dogs
  • Heart-Shaped Collar Tester
  • AC Adapter
  • Accessory Bag (Wire Splicers, Screws, Anchors)
  • 50 White Training Glags
  • 500 Feet of Wire
  • Field Training Cards
  • Training Manual
Q.I would like to know if you sell the power cord separately for the havahart fence free underground dog fence, if you do I would like to know for how much? A mouse has started to chew through ours. Thank you, Kristel Freitas

Please contact us at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for further assistance.

Q.How does the Fence Free Underground Dog Fence work?

The Fence Free System uses a buried electric wire to discourage your dog from exiting the Fence Boundary. Through training, your dog will learn to recognize the Boundary visually (with the flags), through an audible Warning Tone, and a customizable corrective Static stimulus, transmitted through the Collar. When your dog approaches the edge of the Fence Boundary and enters the customized Warning Zone, your dog will hear a Warning Tone that will last as long as he remains there. If your dog moves back into the Roaming Area, the tone shuts off. If your dog continues toward the Fence Boundary, however, he will receive the initial low-level Static stimulus. If your dog still continues toward, and reaches, the Fence Boundary, he will receive the full preset Static correction. You have the ability to set this level of correction to suit your dog’s temperament, age and size.

Q.How long will it take to train my dog?

Proper training of your dog is a crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence. Be sure to follow the Instruction Manual that comes with your System, completing each and every phase thoroughly. Plan on spending 10 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day, training your dog throughout the training phases. All phases will take approximately three weeks to complete.

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