Repel Rabbits With These Simple Tricks

Seeing a rabbit in your garden is like seeing the tip of an iceberg. One rabbit means there are many, many more. And one rabbit alone can be the difference between “check out this beautiful spinach I grew in my garden” and “those little %&$#?@! rabbits ate all my spinach!!!”

And it’s not even your plants you have to worry about. These little buggers will tear the bark right off your trees. Saying their appetite is voracious is a vast understatement. Nothing is safe from a rabbit’s destruction, from shoots and grasses to roots and berries … if it’s there and reachable, the rabbits will eat it.

My husband recently discovered he has a green thumb. He’s a dreamer. He’s also an animal lover. The result of this mix is a massive, overgrown garden (he didn’t realize the amount of work it would take!) with rabbits reaping all the rewards. But we have some ideas for repelling rabbits next season, starting with planting less and keeping up with the weeding and pruning. We’re also going to employ some rabbit repellent tricks. If you find that none of these tricks will, well, do the trick, use an effective and humane rabbit repellent such as Havahart® DeFence®.

Rabbit Repelling Tricks for Keeping Thumper Out of Your Yard and Garden

If the question you’re asking yourself is “how to keep rabbits out of my yard and garden” as you take stock of the destruction they’ve done to your plants, you’re probably in the same boat we are. These little critters are just about impossible to keep out.

nd the information out there about how to get rabbits out of a yard can be confusing at best. Some people say planting soybeans will repel rabbits, while others say soybeans attract them. Spraying a tea made from cow manure and water … yuck! Human hair in your garden? Yikes!

You’re better off sticking to the traditional tricks for repelling rabbits:

• Use tree guards: Wrapping the lower portions of trunks in the fall up to 2 feet above the height of the deepest snow expected will help protect your trees from rabbit destruction in the winter.

• Plant Mexican Marigolds (Tagetes Minuta) and garlic: Consensus is these two plants repel rabbits to some extent.

• Clean up your yard and garden: Rabbits will typically only choose areas that also offer good cover. Keep your garden and landscaped weeded and clean up brush piles. Any areas with high grass should be mowed and access to under structures like porches should be blocked using chicken wire.

• Spray rabbit repellent: Use a rabbit repellent on the areas of your yard and garden that you’re seeing the damage and those areas that offer good rabbit cover. It will offer up to 3 months of protection from these veracious little critters.

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  • Deborah Connor

    These stupid rabbits are nesting in the ground in the open in out yard.
    We just found another nest that is full of babies. I dont want to kill
    them, but I really do not want them in my yard. I will try the marigold
    thing and see how that works. Thanks

    • 3:01 pm - August 20, 2014

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