WOO HOO!!!!!!! It’s gone!!!!!!!!!

After all the storms we had over the past couple months, apparently some roamers chewed through one of my vinyl siding vents over top of my garage. A week ago my neighbor pointed it out to me. I boarded up the vent immediately and the following morning when I went up into the attic to look at the vent from the inside I found I had company…….. Yeah, face to fuzzy face…….

I wasn’t quite sure what to do……. At first I thought I’d just keep the door closed until the noise stopped…….. Then decided to leave the door to the attic open with the garage door open and it would surely leave on it’s own…… Well after doing that for two days, it was still here…. I noticed it had begun to shred a couple boxes up there and I knew it was only a matter of time before he started tearing at the house…….. I googled “squirrel traps” and found Havahart’s site…….

The next day I hit my local Home Depot and picked up the model 1030, debating on the smaller model 1025……… Brought it home last night, set it up with a piece of peanut buttered bread……. Checked this morning and nothing………. Just got home, went out into the garage and heard all this thrashing coming from up in the attic and YES, sure enough there it was in the trap………. A big, fat VERY ANGRY squirrel…… Good thing I decided on the 1030 and not the smaller model……Remembering a tip I found on line, I put a bunjy cord around the bottom of the cage and over the two doors, to make sure one of the doors didn’t accidentally open while I carried the trap down the pull down attic steps…… Good thing, that squirrel was not a happy camper and thrashed around something awful……, ate all the peanut butter though………

I released him and he took off down the road, probably to tourment one of my neighbors’……… I just wanted to thank you folks for your helpful advice and easy to use product…. First time trapper and got him in less than 24 hours………. Thanks alot Havahart!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Stephanie

    Good story! I’ve had success with that squirrel trap as well. when I first started using the trap I didn’t catch mine as fast … 24 hours is pretty good … Darn squirrels kept stealing the bait. A friend of mine told me a tip that helped me catch the little guy and now I use this tip religiously… cut a toilet paper roll in half, put peanut butter inside the tube, and then hang it from the center of the trap. I know it sounds complex … but they can’t steal the bait without standing on the trigger, it forces them to set off the trap … catches them every time!

    • 4:12 pm - March 26, 2010

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