Squirrels and Bird Feeders, The Fight Begins

Now, I am a true nature lover and watching the animals that visit my yard has delighted my whole family this winter. But those darn squirrels!! I put out corn for them – separate and far away from my bird feeders. And guess where they end up? Trying to get into my bird feeders! You know how it goes – last year we tried greasing the pole holding the feeder, putting an upside down bucket so they couldn’t get at the feeder and putting a cone over the top. And you probably can guess that none of it worked.

Well, I think I’ve finally found the solution! Last Mother’s Day, I got my Mom a bird feeder with the cage around it designed to keep squirrels out. And it worked – she’s still using it and the squirrels have pretty much given up even trying to get at it. Now I’m going to have find a different Mother’s Day present because we’ve always bought her a new feeder each year (because the previous one had been destroyed by squirrels!) She’s also told me it seems to keep the bigger birds like starlings and grackles away so the little ones can have full access.

I even decided to buy myself one – and I’ve seen the success in my own yard. At first the squirrels were happy to see me hang another feeder. They couldn’t wait to get at it. But after a few, very valiant attempts, even our pesky little red squirrel couldn’t get a seed out.

I’ve also sprinkled some of that handy Critter Ridder around the base of my trees and birdfeeder poles – and the squirrels do not like it at all. It contains the natural oils of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin (found in chili peppers.) I just spread it around areas I don’t want squirrels (or other animals) and they turn tail once they come upon it. One application can last for up to 30 days (depending on the rain or snow conditions.) Best of all, I know it’s completely organic, OMRI listed and safe for my yard (and the birds that feed on the ground.) So I think I can say for now that we’ve beaten the squirrels – at least a small victory in the big battle!

Image: vickispix


  • Ronnie

    I’ve used your Critter Ridder – 2 lb. purchased from Home Depot at a cost of $14.98, and have had no success at all. The squirrels are as bold as ever! They actually sit on it and feed on any bird seeds around it. Has this been tested in a area with high squirrel population?

    • 2:11 pm - July 3, 2010

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  • Ronnie

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    • 2:12 pm - July 3, 2010

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