The Raccoon in My House

Photo: Krista D.

I feed (and fix when I can afford it) feral cats….which brings raccoon family after raccoon family to my nice back yard, but I’d never had a raccoon in my house. I recently tried to get a very friendly small cat/kitten to come in by leaving a teeny little opening in my bathroom window overnight as the cat/kitten would sit up on the outside ledge as if it was ready to come in and be part of my family.

I Woke Up to Find a Raccoon in My House!

Low and behold, at 4 AM, I woke to a scuffle sound and a nice beautiful raccoon hanging from my bedroom curtain rod! My small terrier was still alive – he’s now passed on—but didn’t move an inch and none of my other cats, who were lying on my bed, moved. I wondered if they even knew there was a raccoon in my house!

I got my cell phone to call Animal Control, who came within just a few minutes. The police officer who showed up first was too frightened when he realized there was a raccoon in my house, so stayed in his squad car till AC came and got the poor guy with a hoop catch thingy. They were very kind and didn’t hurt my little raccoon but warned me they would have to charge me if this happened again and to keep my windows closed. They also suggested using a Havahart® Large 1-Door Easy Set® Trap to humanely capture the critters if they continued to be a problem.

I felt as though I could have just invited that little raccoon into my house to spend the night and crawl into my bed with the rest of us. I still feed Rocky (his new name) each night and my ferals have learned to give him or her and the family space. They take turns eating and many nights Rocky will eat out of my hand while the ferals have their dinner nearby.

I tried to trap him once but he was too smart so we just work around each other now. I love my outdoor animal family. I do need to trap some of the new feral cats though to get fixed as SPCA has me listed with the catch and release program to cut down on any new spring litters. I find the Havahart traps very easy to use, set up and transport my troops in!! Thank YOU!


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  • Judy griffith

    This is a wonderful story. I tell everyone, when you leave food outside. You will bring on wild life, no matter where you live. A racoon, will not go after you, or try to attack you.But if you leave food outside. they will go after it. this is just the nature of wild LIfe. they have to live to. I would never, ever harm wild life. And if I had a Raccoon in my house. I would humanly catch it with the haveaheart trap. Or catch it myself. with heavy duty gloves and a huge blanket. I usually do not run away. I try to catch and release eveything. Good Work,
    Judy The Rat Whisperer!!!!

    • 1:35 pm - January 26, 2012

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  • Martha

    That was a very nice story with a happy ending. And thank you for caring for the feral family and feeding our wildlife. I also have feral cats here, I got them all spayed and two I’ve tamed when they were maybe a year old. It took a long time but now they like to be petted. Sometimes one or the other will sit on my lap but not for long. They need to find a home though because I’ll be moving in May and a lot of places don’t allow ‘pets’. I wish you well with your new raccoon friend and all others that you feed. Have a blessed day.

    • 7:16 am - January 30, 2012

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  • Karie

    You might want to look into Rabies vaccinations for yourself. A raccoon will turn on you if it is rabid. There is no way to tell for sure if they might be rabid. It is only after the rabies travels through nerve chains to the brain and down into the saliva that it exhibits rabid behavior, and then it is too late. There is no cure for rabies. And diagnosing it is through the brain tissue of the dead animal (or human!) Raccoons CAN be vicious. Trust me when I say it is no fun getting a voice mail from animal control Christmas eve afternoon telling you the raccoon was positive and he will “Collect” any outdoor cats (and kill them to test them) in a few days and not to feed them, Oh and to get ourselves rabies shots. If the outdoor animals have been vaccinated ONCE, then you may trap them again and immediately update their vaccines. Then they are only considered to have been “out of date.” But you will have to quarantine them for 6 months. Not any easy thing for you or the cats. Believe me we’ve been through this. We also trap, fix and release ferals and live in woods, Raccoons, possums, nesting hawks, skunks, all manner of wildlife. Good luck, and it is a good thing you do!

    • 7:32 am - January 30, 2012

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  • Gordon Wade Purchell

    I liked hearing that there’s others out there that treat the coons without the fear. I hear alot of bad things about them, sure they can cause some trouble but I’ve never had any attack me or my family. I’d been feeding and caring for them for 8yrs. I’ve had as many as 30 at one time. It started with one that came everynight, then about a week later she came with a friend. Turned out they were females, after they had their young they brought them too. I named them and would sit out with them and hand feed them. Guess they put the word out cause the next year is when the others started to show up. They were not to sure about me at first, but when they saw the other crawling on me they came around. Just remember, let them come to you and that they are wild. Sometimes they do fight with each other, so don’t get between them. Mostly they just growl and slap each other. Most of mine have been around me long enough to know when I say no they stop, still you get new ones that don’t know the rules. But if you use some Nutter Butter Cookies they pretty much will do anything for you, plus if you can make the same sounds they make it helps. I’ve had to move and I miss them, but I still see and help out with other ones. People at my job always get me when there’s one stuck in a dumpster, sense I’ll go in and get them. Or once and awhile ones gotten into a friends home, I get them cause I don’t want them to hurt the coons. But Always Remember that they may be friendly, some will even let you hold them, they are WILD and not PETS!

    • 10:48 pm - January 30, 2012

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  • coonlover

    I love coons. Shoulda kept teh little guy. Long Live cOONS.

    • 11:11 pm - October 28, 2014

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