When I look at this photo of tulips leaning towards the light, I think “Oh Happy Day!” When a little furry rabbit looks at this picture he says “Ummm..Lunch!” Do rabbits eat tulips? Yes, tulips are the tiramisu of the rabbit restaurant.

Rabbits Do Eat Tulips Like They’re Gourmet Treats!

Maybe a little wild Irish rose on the side (think chocolate truffles) and a couple of crocus (creme brulee’). My rabbits are gourmet eaters. They don’t touch daffodils which are evidently too ordinary (think donut…). No, my rabbits like the tulips that I bought at a premium price and planted with high hopes last fall. Chomp, chomp, chomp….next?

It is hard to get mad at them for long. Is there anything as cute as a little fluffy bunny? No. There is not. Which I why I actually enjoy trapping them in the Havahart home away from home, as I like to call it. Havahart® makes effective and humane rabbit traps such as the Havahart® Small Easy Set® Trap.Some animals go a little bonkers in the trap (raccoons turn into kamikaze pilots) but rabbits freeze. I’m sure in some part of their sweet inner life they are unhappy but from the outside they look generally relaxed.

Here’s a little video I saw on Youtube in which “trapperman9”, who sounds about nine years old, has trapped a baby rabbit using lettuce and apples. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvaIshVwYR0

Do Rabbits Eat Tulips at My House? … Not a Chance!

Personally I like to set up a little table in the cage with a bowl of my prize tulips on it. Kind of rabbit restaurant heaven. (I’m just kidding…lettuce and apples and celery are what I actually recommend.)


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