How to Get Raccoons and Other Animals Out of Your Attic

Over the course of 25 years of gardening, I’ve had many encounters with troublesome raccoons that mistakenly believe they have the right to steal the vegetables I’ve worked so hard to grow. I’ve even had to deal with masked bandits toppling over my trashcans a time or two. But I never dreamed I would have to learn how to catch a raccoon in the attic!

How Do I Get Rid of Raccoons in My Attic?

Needless to say, it came as quite a shock when I was rummaging through my attic to find an old gardening book and noticed a raccoon huddled in a corner staring at me! Finding a raccoon trap – and quickly – immediately came to mind. Judging by its size, it appeared to be a very pregnant female who was looking for a safe nesting place for her babies, so I needed to be sure the trap I used would catch the critter without harming her or her young ones.

Havahart® Came to the Rescue!

I learned a lot about Havahart® traps from working in a greenhouse and from my own personal experience. I went to my computer and logged on to Havahart.com where I quickly found the Havahart® Large 1-Door Easy Set® Trap. This trap was the perfect size for getting rid of raccoons in the attic. I also appreciated the fact that the trap was easy to use – I could set it with only one hand just by pulling back the specially designed Easy Set® lever. But what really mattered to me was that there were no sharp edges that could possibly harm the animal, ensuring I could catch the raccoon in my attic in the most humane manner possible.

Havahart® Made Raccoon Removal From the Attic an Easy Task

I ordered my trap online, taking advantage of the free ground shipping. When the trap arrived, I placed it in the area where I had seen my visitor and baited it with canned cat food. I was able to catch the critter in a matter of a few days. Although she wasn’t a happy camper (or critter, for that matter!), I’m happy to report that the raccoon was not injured in any way. After checking with the state game commission, I found a place nearby where I could release the raccoon back into the wild. The trap’s user-friendly design enabled me to stand behind it during the release for additional protection.

Havahart® Traps Are the Perfect Solution for Raccoons in the Attic – and Other Nuisance Animals

Whether you have a rogue raccoon, squirrel, rat, mouse or possum in your attic, there’s a Havahart® trap that is right for you!

Image: Tristen.Pelton

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  • Chris R

    I’ve already caught and relocated 8 raccoons with your large 1 door trap. Believe it or not I still have at least 2 raccoons tearing up my lawn on a nightly basis. For some reason I just can’t catch these last 2. They take the bait right out of the trap without setting it off like they know exactly where the pressure plate is. I’m sick of cleaning up my destroyed lawn every morning. I’ve found they love the little peanut butter Ritz-Bitz crackers. Any tips for getting them to step on the plate. I’ve tried hanging bait from a string, placing a bowl in the back of the trap, nothing seems to get these guys. Thanks.

    • 7:28 pm - January 7, 2014

    • Reply
    • Havahart®

      Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your comment! Have you tried covering the trap with a cloth? You might also want to consider one of our granule animal repellents like Critter Ridder® to keep them away! Good luck!

      • 9:21 am - January 27, 2014

      • Reply

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