A Home Owner’s Guide to Feral Cats

So what is a Feral Cat anyway? A Feral cat is either a pet cat that has been abandoned or run away… Or it’s the offspring of another feral cat. Either way, these felines live in the wild and are similar to pet cats. Some homeowners, have had troubles with feral cats and want to know how to get rid of cats on their property. These cats can destroy property and they use gardens and landscaping as their litter box… YUCK! If your pet isn’t strictly an indoor cat, feral cats can spread disease and cause fights that can harm your pet.

Luckily Havahart can help, with a Feral Cat Trap including a shroud to keep the cat safe and calm during transport. Also try Critter Ridder to keep them away from your home, lawn and garden.

Another reaction to feral cats of equal importance is the desire to help these animals. They have a poor lot in life, especially in the winter and the Humane Society or a local vet can help with taking care of these creatures or at least controlling the population with an inexpensive spay/neuter program. Try using a bait like fish or catnip to trap these cats and bring them to the vet. (for more bait options visit our feral cat bait page)

Some people even open their homes to these animals to give them a second chance at happiness. We recommend only doing this under the supervision of the Humane Society so they can help the cat re-acclimate into a home situation and ensure your future pet is disease free and safe before you bring it home but in many cases, though there may be a few added challenges, these cats can become loving and caring pets who appreciate a warm bed and food in their tummies. For more information from the Humane Society about this program, visit their website: http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/feral_cats/

Whether you want to get rid of cats, or bring them in to become a loving pet, Havahart can help with traps and repellents to take care of these animals humanely.


Havahart® is a leading manufacturer of caring control products for pets and wildlife. By offering animal repellents and live animal traps, Havahart® covers a wide spectrum that truly is caring control for pets and wildlife.

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  • Cathy

    Our Havahart trap is at least 15 years old. We have a racoon that has been coming into our garage and my neighbor’s attic, so it was worth a try to trap it. Unfortunately this morning we found a large skunk in the trap! Following this website’s advice we covered the trap and safely released the skunk without getting sprayed. Thanks! Now how do we catch the pesky little burglar?

    • 7:15 am - April 16, 2011

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    • admin

      Hi Cathy,

      It can be difficult because skunks and raccoons both enjoy the same types of food. You may want to try sweet corn or watermelon to attract the raccoon instead of the skunk! Please let us know how it goes for you!

      -Your Friends at Havahart®

      • 1:37 pm - June 20, 2011

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